Experience Hendrix tour with Steve Vai


My friend Steve Vai ^ before the gig. He is really one of my favorite people on earth. SO FUN to talk to Steve and his playing makes for good eargasms.  


Steve took a picture of my Hendrix tattoo with his iPhone and thought we should pose with it in the picture. He cracks me up! 


Here is the whole tattoo (took this one right after I had it done) 


Steve played/sang "Waterfall" which was for me was the highlight of the whole show. OMFG. AMAZING. 


 Check this tour out, it is AMAZING:




Kid “ROCKS” New York City

It is 9:30 am and I am STILL UP! NYC is sucking all the juice and energy out of me but I am getting a lot done. Too much I guess. I don’t have the time/energy to write a full blog right now, but Kid Rock was in town because he sang with the Allman brothers Friday night at the Beacon Theater. He texted me the next morning for a massage. I was fast asleep but got back to him a bit later as you can see below. What a HILARIOUS guy he is. OMFG. Down to earth, generous, polite and funny as FUCK. Anyhow, I will try to write more soon, but I have to get my ass to bed.

ps. My German cell has only rang twice since I have been here. When I land in Berlin, it taakes a couple WEEKS to get back into the loop, get my friends and clients going again. In NYC, I am not even out of the fucking plane and my blackberry is practically on fire from too many calls, texts, emails. I am immediately back in the loop/swing of things. Clearly the best place for me to be for my career/business is NYC. I do love Berlin too, but omg, I will never decide. going to bed for real this time. Surprised

The Allman Brothers Band in NYC

March 23, 2009:

If it's REALLY important I can get up at 7am (when I usually go to sleep). Massaging Mr. Gregg Allman is REALLY important. Gregg has had massages from my team now and again, but this is the first time I got to massage him myself. I can't count the times he told me “this was the BEST massage I have ever had!”. I asked him if he likes Frank Zappa's version of his song “Whipping Post” and he said “I love it”. That is my favorite Allman Brothers Band song fyi.