Massage in Chicago, Illinois


My name is Catt,

I was born in California. I've lived in California and Iowa my whole life. I recently moved to Chicago, and I love it here. I love the being in the big cities, I love all the activity and commotion. I love massage as well, I even massage my pets!


When I massage, I feel centered and balanced. I love being in constant motion and knowing that what I am doing is helping the well being of the person under my hands. Massage, to me, is essential. I understand the need for balance and peace in life and massage provides that, not only in a spiritual way, but an entire body mind experience as well.



My modalities include:


Deep tissue

Trigger point




And Pregnant/ Sidelying

I have learned to incorporate deep tissue into a full body Swedish massage, because I feel that just addressing one area is not enough, our body works as one entire whole so just working in just one area doesn't make any sense if you want to fix the whole problem. Please email me if you would like to experience my massage:  (put "CATT/CHICAGO in subject line please)


Massage in Las Vegas Nevada

Hello, my name is Megan I am originally from upstate New York area (we moved around a lot) But I have finally landed in Las Vegas Nevada, I have been here for about 12 years and I love it!! I had to get out of the cold weather!! And what a great place to be, to get warm!! About five years ago I decided I needed a career change!! I have a Degree in Drafting Design and I actually worked in the field for about 7 days before I realized that I spent 2 years of collage and I hated my job!! So that option was out….


I needed to get out of the restaurant biz which I was stuck in for about 15 years!! I was thinking I needed a career that I could help others and get appreciated all in one…. Cuz serving in a restaurant is not the most appreciated job in the world!! People always told me I have a caring personality and give a great massage!! So I decided to check out Massage School and with in the first week of school I knew I was going to love being a Massage Therapist….
Going on six years now I have been a Massage Therapist and lovin every min. I am Nationally Certified, Licensed with the State of Nevada Board, Clark County, and the City of Las Vegas. I have worked in many environments of Massage from Spas, Chiropractic, Poker Rooms, To the Casino Floor (Yes working on the Players as they play!!) I am trained in many modalities like:
Deep Tissue
Structural Integration
Trigger Point Therapy
Sports Massage
Cranial Sacral
Hot Stone Massage
Body Wraps and Scrubs
Over the years I have learned to listen to what the clients want and need from my massage then I listen to what the body has to say too!! Finding the trouble spots has become one of my specialties! I enjoy doing Deep Tissue but I can give a great relaxing massage too. I integrate all the techniques I have learned over the years in to one great Massage Experience!!

Email me at and write "Megan/Vegas" in subject line and I will write back ASAP ๐Ÿ™‚