Massage in Las Vegas Nevada

Hey there! My name is April and I have been a massage therapist here in Las Vegas for a little over 4 years. I believe I am one of the lucky ones who found their true calling at a young age. I feel real passion for massage, and feel the desire to express myself artistically through my work. I am told I have a natural talent and gift for massage. I may have a natural ability, but feel I am blessed with the gift of my clients who receive massage.

As a child, I was drawn to family and friends who were in pain regularly. I was able to massage most of my life due to the fact I would sense someone suffering silently and offer the tools I had to help….my hands..and elbows…and footsies. My massage was welcomed and appreciated and taught me my work was valued. I am so happy I pursued massage professionally, and now am able to continue to grow in this ever-changing field.

As a graduate of Nevada School of Massage Therapy, my skills have taken me to many different massage environments. Although I continue to learn and discover, I am extremely comfortable and confident in the work I offer. I have a natural deep touch and have no hesitation to get in deep and find out where the problem is. Deep work does not mean painful work. There is a threshold every body has to endure intense bodywork and I can assure you, I listen to the body. Your session with me will be intense, effective, and noticeable. From time to time, a client requests a light relaxing massage and I welcome the change of pace. I take the opportunity to connect more energetically and feel these sessions have an equally beneficial outcome. Below is a list of modalities I am experienced in.

* Postural/Structural Therapy–Identifying constrictions in horizontals and verticals then releasing fascia surrounding constriction.
                                            Results in bringing the client closer to a natural anatomical position and can, over time, permanently
                                            change postural habits. Results in feeling "taller" and "properly aligned"
*Trigger Point Therapy–          Locating and releasing "knots" in specific muscles. Consists of stripping and stretching afflicted muscle
                                            and compressing trigger point by stopping blood flow to the "knot". Results in referral pain to another area.
                                            This is deep, specific, result oriented work that restores proper function to muscle affected.
*Swedish Massage–              Superficial, long, flowing strokes that are done in a rythmic, consistent pattern. Designed to bring a deep
                                            sense of relaxation and body awareness. Many people feel emotional balancing and restructuring. Gives
                                            the client a feeling of being pampered and receiving deserved time to self.
*The April Special–                This is a session where you let me "do my thing". I integrate several different modalities and tailor the
                                            session to your specific desired outcome. The result is a refreshing change from textbook massage.
                                            I guarantee you will love it!! 🙂

Whether you are passing through, visiting our city for a time, or reside locally, I look forward to a session with you! The chance to work on Dr.Dot's team will bring exciting experiences and wonderful opportunities. Thanks for reading my profile. If you want to book a treatment, email me:  put "April/Vegas" in the subject line and I will answer you ASAP. 

Peace 🙂