Massage in Montreal, Canada

Hi everybody, I’m Amber, a certified Massotherapeute here in Montreal.

I grew up in Nova Scotia, living there until 2001 when I left my ocean home to come study Massage Therapy and practice Aikido – a martial art which demands an awareness of joint limitations, pain thresholds, and acheives gracefulness through efficiency of movement.  A truly beautiful artform which constantly deepens my understanding of the body.

My massage studies include Swedish/Sports massage, Thai Yoga Massage (assisted stretching), Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy – the perfect mixture of techniques for Deep Tissue and therapeutic work!  I massage with or without oil, using a massage table or chair, or simply a floor futon.  I’ve worked in conjunction with acupuncturists and osteopaths, at Sporting events, Martial arts seminars, Massage and Rehabilitation centers, spas, offices, concerts, you name it!

Martial and Healing Arts are strikingly different yet complementary ways of discovering the body, and have resulted in my unconventional massage style –confident, dynamic, and precise.  I’m happy to be part of Dr. Dot’s Massage team, working with the most competant therapists, and some of the most talented musicians in the world!  Give me a shout if you’re in Montreal: Email me at and put "AMBER/MONTREAL" in subject line and I will get back to you right away.