New Years Day 2009 Central Park and Belvedere Castle

I am sure you had more fun than I did on New Years Eve. I laid down around 5pm and didn't get up until 2pm on New Years Day. Thing is, my belly has been in turmoil the whole time I was in Key West and it still is. Didn't find out until too late, that the drinking water in Key West is full of bacteria "fecal e-coli bacteria " ew!!!!!!!!! My own fault for drinking tap water. I won't do it again. UGH!


 So, after almost 20 hours in bed, with pooh and my MAC (watching some Survivor episodes- my new favorite show), I decided to take a walk and get some fresh (and fucking FREEZING) air in Central Park. It was pretty much empty apart from some brave German tourists (I could hear them chatting away in German) as they are used to strolling around on Holidays and Sundays, regardless of the weather. 


 A new book I came across called "NFT " (Not for Tourist) lead me to this Castle called "Belvedere Castle". I had never knew it even existed before. 


 BIG difference in clothing compared to just the other day when I was just wearing a bikini in FLA. brrrrrrrrr. I feel like the Michelin Man in all of these layers.


 Oh well, I do indeed miss Florida already. I miss the sun and the warmth badly. I will have to lick my wounds a few more days and get up and at 'em though again, as you do. It felt good NOT being hung over on New Years Day though. 


 Cold or not, I still LOVE NYC.


 I may have had a boring New Years eve, but I had one of the best Christmas eve's I have ever had.