Merry Christmas


Greetings from Key West, Florida. I am enjoying myself thoroughly here, baking in the sun all day, working out and singing karaoke every night. It's wonderful here. Met some Danish folks last night- WHOLE lotta fun. Found a karaoke bar called Two Friends and they have a live web cam where people from all over the world can tune in online and watch the singers, so last night I had a couple friends texting me telling me they could see/hear me each time I sang and Uncle Jack too. I even sang "Joy to the World" (three dog night) for his baby, Jeremiah and he loved it. WICKED funny- every time a hot guy got on stage, my friends would text me "schwing!!". Karaoke live cam is HERE

They start every night at 8:30pm to around midnight (Florida time). THEN if you haven't gotten your fill, you can drag your add to Rick's , as they start karaoke every night at midnight. I need a break now though, my voice is shot from so much singing (lots of rage against the machine and ac/dc, audioslave, etc) ha ha. So I am just chillin like Bob Dylan on Christmas here, heading to the beach again, yay! Jasmine is in Germany, having a blast, all is well. I have taken a few pictures, but mostly with my blackberry; keep forgetting to bring camera out. Will do so though next time..

Christmas in the sun, with no shopping stress, tacky lights or awkward dinners with relatives you hardly know, in other words, paradise



 Self Portrait on Christmas. That bathing suit top is a bit too small and it makes my boobs look like I'm hanging upside down. Slightly sun burned already.


Santa collecting some spare change before he takes off in his sleigh, I mean, jet ski

Ho ho ho in Key West (literally) heh heh

 I hate how pics come out on my Blackberry, but I always have it on me, and so it goes..


Happy Holidays 


Dr. Dot