Snowed in thanks to yesterday’s storm and trying to catch up on the hundreds of unanswered emails, helping Jasmine get ready for her trip and my trip to Florida is also coming up next week (one week in the sun, oh hells yeah!). I choose to escape the stress and boredom called Christmas. Lying on the beach finally getting some daylight (haven’t seen it in weeks) and relaxing – well I am sure I will have crackberry in hand or at least close by.


Can’t help but scoff at the news that the little girl Caylee Anthony’s body was found and her Mom is just busy ordering Pork rinds in jail. Psycho bitch definitely killed her own child. OMG. Why should tax payers pay to keep this scoundrel alive? Killing your own child? Buh Bye. UGH.This story makes me sick.

Gotta turn the TV off before I puke. Anyways, Catherine, my buddy and massage assistant was in NYC for a few days and we traded massages over and over again, pure bliss. prrrrrrrrrrr. If I had my way, I would get 4 hours of massage a day. I LOVE it. 

Blogs I have in front of me are still my Italy blog (loads of pictures), Ac/Dc, Project Object, Flogging Molly and Joe (guitar GOD) Satriani. As well as a few “Ask Dr. Dot” blogs. Maybe I will get more down done in FLA where I will have peace and quiet (going alone!).