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To book me, email and write “Anthony/Boston” in the subject line ๐Ÿ™‚

My practice began intuitively in 1993 as a college student in New Orleans where I worked at a salon and developed a head, neck and shoulders technique that quickly gained popular attention. I began my formal training in MassageTherapy in 1996. I chose to begin my studies in Zen Shiatsu because it was the most organic of the treatments. After 720 hours of training at The Boston Shiatsu School, I continued my studies at the renowned Muscular Therapy Institute. This 900-hour program gave me an in depth look at anatomy and physiology and their relationship to our muscular system. By studying this system I learned how to treat the areas that hold stress and tension. By learning the patterns of the body I could unlock muscular tension by treating the whole muscle; not just the belly of the muscle, but the attachments, as well. I have a total of 1800 hours of training in massage therapy techniques. I am licensed in Massachusetts, Arizona and Hawaii, and I am nationally certified in Massage and Bodywork.

The next level of my training came through my actual practice. I realized that, just as in life, it is not about one or the other, but about complementary therapies. I combined Eastern Philosophy with Western Muscular Therapy and unified them through my hands. My sessions flow between one therapy and the other seamlessly. My goal is to achieve “oneness” during each session. My thoughts are completely focused on my clients’ needs. My clients tell me what their complaints are, and I open myself to listen through my hands.
This leads to intuitive impressions that I can share with my clients either during or after the session. There are two types of clients that I love. One is someone who has never had a massage before and the other is someone who has had lots of massages before. For the client who has never had a massage before, I want to perform at my best level, so they understand how powerful massage can be. For the client who has lots of massages, I want them to experience something unique.

Since 2001, I have been treating professional dancers with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Other clients have included professional athletes and other A-list celebrities. The culmination of my 21 years of experience has led me to this opportunity, and I am honored to be a member of Dr. Dot’s team.

Anthony/ Boston

24 hour massage service Providence/Worcester/Hartford and Boston


ย  Book and write: “Anthony/Hartford” in subject line ๐Ÿ™‚
Hello, my name is Anthony, and I am a Certified Athletic Trainer and
Licensed Massage Therapist. Having a strong background in sport
medicine my work mostly focuses on musculoskeletal injuries,
neuropathic conditions, migraines and headaches. I have experience
working with professional athletes, people with work related injuries
and automobile accidents. My treatment goals with my patients and clients are to reduce pain and stress, increase mobility, and enhance healing. I am privileged to be a part of Dr. Dot’s team. It is a great
opportunity to provide care to individuals looking to better their
performance and well being. My mission as a health care professional
is to provide you the best quality of care, and be a reliable source of
information on the conditions or issues that may have. I am available
during the day as well as late hours of the night, so feel free to
book me at any time. Thank you for your consideration, and I am looking
forward to working with you in the future.

Love the life you live, live the life you love -Bob Marleya


Snowed in thanks to yesterday’s storm and trying to catch up on the hundreds of unanswered emails, helping Jasmine get ready for her trip and my trip to Florida is also coming up next week (one week in the sun, oh hells yeah!). I choose to escape the stress and boredom called Christmas. Lying on the beach finally getting some daylight (haven’t seen it in weeks) and relaxing – well I am sure I will have crackberry in hand or at least close by.


Can’t help but scoff at the news that the little girl Caylee Anthony’s body was found and her Mom is just busy ordering Pork rinds in jail. Psycho bitch definitely killed her own child. OMG. Why should tax payers pay to keep this scoundrel alive? Killing your own child? Buh Bye. UGH.This story makes me sick.

Gotta turn the TV off before I puke. Anyways, Catherine, my buddy and massage assistant was in NYC for a few days and we traded massages over and over again, pure bliss. prrrrrrrrrrr. If I had my way, I would get 4 hours of massage a day. I LOVE it.ย 

Blogs I have in front of me are still my Italy blog (loads of pictures), Ac/Dc, Project Object, Flogging Molly and Joe (guitar GOD) Satriani. As well as a few “Ask Dr. Dot” blogs. Maybe I will get more down done in FLA where I will have peace and quiet (going alone!).ย 


Burning candle at both ends (as usual)

Last night (Thursday) I massaged Gene Simmons (we watched the pathetic Republican Convention- what a crock of SHIT that was). Then directly after Jim Norton (comedian you see on most Comedy Central Roasts and you hear every morning if you get the Opy and Anthony show). I have known Jim, who wrote a book called "Happy Endings", for years. Hmmmm, he has never asked for one, so I wonder wtf that is about? lol. Jim is a self confessed massage WHORE, he gets them all the time, mostly from me, but if I am away, from my team or other therapists, he has to have them. 

I am so tired I am going to cry. It is 9am and I am STILL up. By the way,  Gene is in NYC because he just appeared on the Today Show. From Gene's blog:

GENE SIMMONS Keynote Speaker

   Heading out to NY to do the TODAY SHOW to promo my forthcoming Keynote Speech at the Annual AARP CONVENTION on September 6th in Washington DC, in front of 30,000 people.
   Then head off to Toronto on September 7th for a Charity Event hosted by Magna, the world's largest auto parts entity.



Gene is so fucking cool, omg!Oh, he turned me on to a show I have never heard of, probably because it's on the Cartoon Network lol, It's called Robot Chicken . WICKED FUNNY. 

The night before, I went and saw one of my best friends, Jonesy , do his live stand up comedy act at the EastVille Comedy club . He is there every Wednesday. Super funny!!! I predict Jonesy is going to be as big as Jim Carrey someday, mark my words. He is the fucking BOMB!! We are both New Englanders and have the same smart ass sense of humor. We bond!

I can't write anymore, I am falling asleep here. The sun is out, it looks like it will be another scorcher! Oh, last night in NYC, I saw numerous Cock Roachers! OMFG!! They are everywhere (so is garbage). I do miss the clean streets of Berlin right about now. I was talking to a woman on the street out side the hotel I I massaged Gene at, and a fucking Cock Roach landed on her neck. We both flipped out, hysterical, screaming, omfg!!!!! She said some of them can fly? Holy fuck, if it landed on me, I would have passed out. I loathe those seedy mother fuckers. 



Frank Zappa’s Inca Roads butchered by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

"This is the only Frank Zappa song, that I allow"  Anthony Kiedis, singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (extremely over rated band)

If you can figure out what the fuck he is saying, please let me know. Sounds like "this is the only Frank Zappa song I allow to exist" but he wouldn't dare say that, would he? 


Sigh. Jasmine leaves for NYC on Sunday, I leave for the UK shortly after. Lots to do, little time to do it. I still have to write my Rod Stewart blog and pack. 

I saw the Temptations in concert tonight. Came in at half time, missing the Four Tops ๐Ÿ™

Great show but they played in the Tempodrome, which has the WORST acoustics in Berlin. Shaped like a big TeePee, all the sound echoes and sounds shallow, it's really bad. Anyhow, gotta get some shut eye, will write more asap.