Massage in Orange County California


Hi there!  I’m Sherry, CMT, N.C.T.M.B and I currently reside behind the orange curtain in Orange County, California.  Since 1996, I have performed therapeutic massage in different locales; day spas, medical wellness centers, chiropractic offices, private homes, & businesses, and I seem to be able to blend in and perform effective massage therapy wherever I’m needed.  This is why I’ve decided to embark within this new venue Dr. Dot has so masterfully created.


My love for the human body began when attending UCI as a pre-med major.  I had to move on and work full-time so I held a corporate position for 14 years.  During that time, I found myself offering shoulder rubs to friends and family just because they were so stressed out as my personality reaches out to help others feel better.  A friend asked if I had ever thought about going to school for massage because I seemed to really make a difference in her muscles and attitude.  Back then, I didn’t even know massage therapy schools existed.  I later found myself attending California College of Physical Arts in Huntington Beach and began working with a 125 hours under my belt on the weekends for a local chiropractor.  After attending night school to finish my AA degree, I found myself wanting to learn more  not only to take care of friends and family, but wanted to branch and touch more lives.  I needed to continue my education in massage to offer additional modalities to patients and eventually personal clients.  In 2003, I was out-sourced from my full-time corporate position, went back to school to complete my 500 hour certificate program, and recently became a Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworker.  I am primarily skilled in Contemporary Western techniques which include:


*      Deep Tissue Massage

*      Lymphatic Drainage

*      Pre-Natal Massage

*      Classic Swedish Massage

*      Sports Massage

*      Foot Reflexology

*      Psoas Release Techniques

*      Hot Stone Massage

*      Cupping Therapy

*      Ear Candling

*      Myofascial Release

*      Trigger Point Therapy


Music has also been a part of my life through many trials and tribulations.  My high school sweetheart and now husband introduced me to Ratt and Led Zeppelin while I was a total valley girl listening to Madonna and Depeche Mode.  Even though growing up, my family didn’t share their music loves, surprisingly, I enjoy all kinds!


Throughout the many years of being in the massage industry, I continue to take great pride in offering quality massages and look forward to helping you feel well and balanced.  Look me up next time you are in or heading to the OC! Email me: and put "Sherry/Oc" in the subject line 🙂