Massage in Toronto (meet Dina )

My name is Dina and I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I spent most of my youth involved in competitive figure skating only to discover later on another true passion… snowboarding! My education as a massage therapist began early in my constant attempts to try and heal my own injuries.

I’ve been practicing the art of massage in a clinical setting for over ten wonderful years. To have the opportunity to help assist clients manage, reduce and heal painful injuries and/or discomfort has been a very liberating and educational experience.

I’m a huge fan and practitioner of Myofascial & Trigger Point massage, a deeper, corrective type of soft tissue release combined with specific on-table body stretches. On the other hand I am just as inclined to provide a lighter more rhythmical massage experience geared towards the stress-laden muscle tension created primarily by our taxed out nervous systems. I incorporate essential oils in most treatments drawing upon my 6 years as a Certified Clinical Aroma-therapist. In addition, I am a Registered Massage Therapist and certified in LaStone (hot stone) and Bamboo massage.

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