Massage in West Palm Beach / Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Hi,  I’m Jennifer, one of  Dr. Dot’s south Florida assistants currently based
in West Palm Beach. I have been practicing the art of massage since 2002. I
also am a licensed aesthetician. I make a big effort to stay on top of current
trends in the industry of skin care and body work while constantly refining
the basic traditional foundation of the arts.

I study various modalities that include: Swedish, shiatsu, reflexology, neuro
muscular, reflexology, lomi-lomi, etc. And use of tools like bamboo, stones,
shiro dhara, aromatherapy and cupping. I think that all means I give a very
nice, informed and intuitive, deep tissue massage.

Like Dr. Dot and all of her assistants, music has had a huge influence on me.
Art and music are always  in my life in one form or another.

A bit about me…I’m generally quiet and observant, very mellow. I practice
martial arts for fitness, strength and flexibility. I like travel and I am
available for tours.