24 hour Chiropractic Service in Boston, Massachusetts

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Ever since idolizing my childhood pediatrician, I always envisioned himself as a doctor helping others feel better. I was first introduced to chiropractic healthcare at age eight. As an active kid and athlete I used chiropractic care growing up to stay healthy and recover quickly from injuries.

Now I have been in practice for over 27 years. The time has gone by fast because I love what I do. I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of people get out of pain so they can enjoy life again. People still seek chiropractic care for pain relief. The real benefit of chiropractic care is that it optimizes your bodies function so that you can BE healthy. Regular wellness chiropractic care can keep you out of pain and keep you performing at your maximum potential.

I’ve had the unique opportunity to learn from some of the best manipulators that have ever lived. I am also certified in Active Release Techniques® (ART), one of the most sought after soft tissue techniques. It is patented and I have my Master’s Certification. Using both manipulation and ART® my chiropractic treatments address issues in both the joints and soft tissue of the body.

You tune your instruments. Consider chiropractic care as a tune-up for your body.

I have treated some of the top names in the entertainment world, but once on my chiropractic table, everyone get ‘star’ treatment.

Massage Delivery Service in Salt Lake City, Utah


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Hello! I am Kelly Jo. I am originally from Missoula, Montana but have called Utah home for over 25 years. As much as I love the great state of Utah, I think I love traveling even more. I am a member of the Utah Army National Guard and have had several opportunities to travel the world with them. I also speak French which I learned through the Guard. 

One of my favorite missions that I went on, was to Morocco, where I partnered with a medical group from the Air Force and we administered medical treatment to several small villages. That fostered a desire in me to help people in a tangible way. 

It wasn’t long after that trip that I enrolled in massage school and then graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy. Since graduating I have found that my specialty is in Deep Tissue. My goal with every massage session is to provide each client with individualized treatments to assist their body in reaching a healthy working environment for self repair. To accomplish this I use a combination of several different massage techniques which include Russian, Sports, Cranial, Shiatsu, Swedish, and Structural.

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Hello, my name is Dr. Brad and I am here to help you keep your spine and body tuned up and powered on so you can be at your very best every single day!

For more than 20 years I have been helping people of all ages to reach their greatest health potential through healthy living and Chiropractic. As a Doctor of Chiropractic for the past 13 years, I have had the privilege of adjusting tens of thousands of people including countless musicians, performers and their crew as they have traveled through the Washington DC area and across the country. I am now located in Charlotte, NC.

The Gypsy Kings, Earth Wind and Fire, Sara McLachlan, Prince Musicology Tour, Al Jarreau, Freddie Ravel, Cirque Du Soliel, The String Cheese Incident, The Allman Brothers and Kenny Loggins are just some of the performers who I have provided chiropractic care over the years.

I am thrilled to be a part of Dr. Dot’s team and look forward to helping you too!

Ask Dr. Dot April 2010

Email me your questions and I will answer them for free and I will change your name to protect your identity. Your naughty secrets are safe with me πŸ™‚




I have been dating this girl for about 2 months. We almost broke up two weeks in because she thought we were moving to fast.
She said we were having sex to often, but I was never the one coming on to her, she always came looking for me.
We eventually just went on, having regular healthy (great for both sides) sex. She text messaged me  describing what she was going to do to me sexually, but then after shopping with her, she texted me saying “I don't want to have sex for a while”  (so we didn't fuck after all). I asked her about it because I found it unusual. She didn't have much to say other then it's “not a big deal”.

I will admit the past two times we have had sex, it hasn't been the best. She seemed a little uninterested. When I asked her about this, if she was losing interest or what, she simply said  “well, I wasn't really in the mood but I fucked you anyways to please you”.  No girl has ever openly said such a thing to me, so I found it somehow sweet and endearing.  I just need a girls point of view on this whole thing… is it really not a big deal, that I'm blowing out of proportion?
Or is there something hiding behind this whole ordeal?  Any thoughts, suggestions would be appreciated. And by the way I'm 26 and she is 25

Horny Hans





Not a good sign. If this is going on already, imagine being bound to her for the rest of your life. Imagine her saying "oh honey, you can fuck me if you have to, but I'd rather fold laundry, so hurry", as that's probably where this will end up if you stick with her, move in together or worse, marry her.
I'd keep your options open and play the field. You're too young for such restrictions. Best to have a girlfriend who wants to fuck you, rather than just tossing you a mercy fuck from time to time. Get out while you still can my friend.


A guy I have been seeing on and off for the last couple of years (we live in different countries) never, ever licks my pussy. I have a very clean tight twat and I know it smells and tastes good because other men tell me so and I often lick my fingers after masturbating.  He is considerably younger than I am so I have remained patient. I asked him flat out once "why don't you lick  my cunt?" and he replied like a smart ass "you never ask". This infuriated me and I almost ended contact with him. A while after wards I asked him, full stop on the phone, about this one way oral sex street we are on and he then came up with a new excuse, that I am older and he is afraid he won't be as good at it as any former lovers I have had. Do these excuses sound good enough to you? Am I over reacting?
I am extremely generous with giving head and I feel ripped off.

Oral Ora





He sounds like a lazy sack of shit to me. Trying and failing is still better than not trying at all. Age has nothing to do with it either. You can't let him off easy all the time just because he is younger. When does he plan on learning? When he is 50? It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Suggest teaching him how to do it exactly as you like it. The fact he said "you never ask" shows he is being a selfish prat. Hold off on those generous blow jobs and if/when he asks why you stopped, give him a taste of his own medicine and tell him "ladies first" and guide his thick head down towards your neglected cunt. If he still refuses, show him the door. There are plenty of men around, of all ages,  who love to lick pussy.





Why is it hard for a 45 year old man to cum but still maintain a rock hard penis. It's like "the feeling" or "itch" want to rise but just doesn't. I also tend to get hot (body temperature wise). My beautiful girl comments that my penis always tends to make me sweat first before I cum. Now sometimes I do cum and it usually always explodes out as if there is a blockage in the valve and the pressure just pushes it out. I'm aware I might have a control issue as I generally don't have a problem masturbating. Rarely however, do I cum during intercourse. I don't hammer away, sometimes I go slow, sometimes I wiggle about – depending on how my partner is feeling or wants.

Diamond Dick-Dave



It sounds to me like you and your cock are very dehydrated. When a person isn't drinking enough water, the body tends to get selfish and holds onto every drop of fluid it has. Avoid excess coffee and tea, which simply dry you up from the inside out. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and go to a Urologist to have the "blockage" checked out. Blockages can occur as a result of infections (including STD's). These can be cleared up by taking antibiotics. If you have a structural blockage, you may need to undergo minor surgery. So a trip to the “Cock-Doc” and drinking more healthy fluids should cool you and your hot willy off and make ejaculation easier.





I am 24 and left my boyfriend (age 26) of four years for another guy. Then my relationship with that guy went bad and we broke up. When I first left my ex I heard many friends tell me how they had seen him constantly out drinking himself stupid in the corner of bars by himself and he looked unhappy. He used to email me telling me he missed me and still loved me, I was polite but not really interested. He stopped emailing, then friends started seeing him out with other girls and then one day he ran into me at a coffee shop and it seemed like he had been living in the gym, the guy was ripped. I added him on facebook and see a lot of girls always flirting with him on there including girls I know. I am shocked he has gone from the dotting depressed ex boyfriend to this. What's the best way to win back his heart and start dating again without looking stupid? I would also be very upset if one of the girls in my social circle try to fuck him and I fear they might. Help……

Goldie Cocks


The good news is, men can forgive. But they don't forget. If he really loved you, he may give you another chance. The other girls may be different and new to him, but sometimes a history between people can mean more than fresh meat. You can send him a real letter; not an email and tell him you are sorry and that you know for sure leaving him was a grave mistake. Mention that sometimes it takes such a stupid move to make one realize how good they had it and how grateful they should be for what they have/had, the grass always seems greener but it isn't, yadda yadda yadda. Make it short, sweet and to the point. He won't want to read a book, just one short page of how you would love to see him again. That's all you can do. Do NOT call him as you may catch him at a really bad time and that could make things worse. A letter is less threatening and gives him time to think. You may want to slip an old picture of you both into the letter to spark memories (and a few nude self portraits too of course). If he doesn't answer you, it means he's moved on and nothing can change a man's mind once he has it set. If he does start fucking around in your social circle, you just have to write it off as "the one that got away" and remember they are experiencing your left overs.


Is it true what they say that "once you go black you never go back”?

Wondering Wanda




I'm sure that rumor was created by a black man. I've seen plenty of naked black men as I am also a massage therapist by profession+ most take off their clothes.

They don't have bigger cocks than other men, it's just that the ones who do have massive dicks are in porn, hence the reputation. I've never fucked a black man (would shag Chris Rock if he wasn't married + was given the chance). Not racist at all, but I prefer light eyes on my lover (green or blue) so that narrows it down considerably for me now doesn't it?





I have been dating this girl for about 5 months, and I cannot seem to make her climax. It seems like no matter how long we go I always end up going first, and then going limp. I have never had this problem before, and am used to being told that we have to stop and not getting to jizz all over the place, then finishing the deed later by myself. I don't know what I am doing wrong with her. We try different positions and I ask her what she needs to make her get there (she is shy) and still I don't get the satisfaction of her screaming in joy from a little present that I gave to her.. Is there any way I can extend how long it takes me to cum, to be able to hold a stiff dick after I come or to loosen her up so that she climaxes' harder faster?

No-Go Jo


She needs to know how to make herself cum before she can cum with you. Ask her in a nice, calm manner, how she makes her self cum. If she says she can't, there is your answer. It's not you, it's her. If she says she can and tells you how, ask her to SHOW you how she makes herself cum. Then try to integrate that method into your fuck fest. If she doesn't know how to cum (some women just don't). Then bring her ass to the edge of the bed, kneel on some pillows and lick her clitoris as long as it takes to make her cum. Don't worry about sticking your fingers in there, just concentrate of long, firm, constant strokes with your tongue as wide as you can make it. Lick South to North and vice versa and check in with her once in a while and ask her if that's the right spot/ rhythm. Don't let up until she cums. It could take a while but if that is your goal, you have to hang in there. Make her cum first then you won't have to worry about how long it takes you. It didn't sound like she was complaining about you taking forever to cum, some girls like a long ride. Women can enjoy sex without climaxing. We don't have to climax every time to enjoy it, like most men do.


Chiropractic Care in Miami, Florida

Contact me at: info@drdot.com and put "Dr. Nicole/Miami" in subject line please 


Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole and I have been practicing chiropractic in since 1997. I am originally from New York but moved to Florida in 1997 when I graduated from Life College in Atlanta. Chiropractic completely changed my life in all ways; physically, emotionally and even spiritually. It allowed my body to function properly again and as a result, I healed from serious illness and I became completely medication free. My transformation from a mechanistic view point to a vitalistic one then grew this enormous passion for chiropractic and in helping others heal naturally, from above-down, inside-out.

I love adjusting people of all ages including athletes, pregnant women (certified in Webster Technique), newborns, infants and children, to get them out of a health crisis and then to keep them healthy, well and full of vitality. I prefer to use my hands to adjust the spine and release that incredible restorative power inside of you that heals. My other passion is in empowering others to let go of their fear and to rely on their own body’s ability to heal, regenerate and repair rather than depending on chemical medications that always cause side effects.

Chiropractic is not a treatment but a lifestyle, a way to maintain your health and my goal is to educate, adjust and enlighten as many people as possible to achieve optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

I have been told hundreds of times that I can adjust your spine like no other! I often hear that the last chiropractor wasn’t able to move their spine like I can. I am extremely confident and usually deliver a deep adjustment but also know several low force techniques if you prefer. As a female Chiropractor I can not, “muscle,” your spine to move so I have to rely on my biomechanical knowledge and use specific technique to get the job done. The end result is a smooth, quick and easy adjustment that feels amazing and you will notice an immediate change in your whole body and even your total outlook when your, “Power is on!”

You will be in excellent hands with me!

To Give, To Love, To Serve,

Dr. Nicole

Chiropractic care in New Jersey

Dr. Russ with Progressive Healthcare and Comprehensive Health Associates, was the first doctor in the state of N.J. and the second in the entire nation to acquire the DRX9000 system to treat low back pain. Because of having successfully treated thousands of low back patients, he was chosen to be one of the first doctors in the United States to acquire the DRX9000C Cervical Decompression Device to treat chronic neck pain. Progressive Healthcare and Comprehensive Health Associates also offer the latest techniques in physical therapy to treat a variety of sports and orthopedic conditions including utilizing the latest in cold laser technology and advanced physical therapy procedures.

Dr. Russ is certified as a training doctor in decompression technology for the Northeast United States and has trained numerous medical specialists including Orthopedic Surgeons, internists, rheumologists, chiropractors and other healthcare specialists.

Dr. Russ has been involved with the DRX9000 since its inception and is one of the doctors with the most extensive clinical experience in the United States.

Dr. Russ was chosen to receive the first FDA cleared cervical decompression system, the DRX 9000C, from among over 100 doctors across the United States because of his commitment to clinical excellence and cutting-edge technology.

Dr. Russ was the clinical director of First Choice Rehabilitation Center of Virginia for five years where he directed a multidisciplinary staff of Chiropractors, Medical Physicians, Massage Therapists and Physical Therapists. He was also the treating chiropractic physician for Gold’s Gym in Arlington, Virginia.

He specializes in the control of neck, back, headaches, stress management, sports-related injuries and axial decompression therapy for disc herniations. Email Dr. Russ at info@drdot.com for an adjustment anytime (put NJ/Dr. Russ in subject line)



Ask Dr. Dot January 2009


This is my Sex/relationship column. I have been writing it for over 6 years. It appears in the Exberliner magazine , Penthouse forum and NY Rock as well. I always change the names around, so feel free to ask me anything and I will answer you personally and it may even make the column


I cheated on my bf while I was on holiday and he found out. I don’t know why I did it.
My man has been exceptionally good to me. When I was exposed he just called me a slut
and walked off. The next day he came round and demanded to know the details, saying he
could not make up his mind about me till he knew everything. I could not say anything
 because I was crying so much I couldn’t talk. He is glad I admitted to it. Should I tell
 him all about how it happened? How can I get him to stay with me? I need him in my life.
 How long will it take for us to work this over? Should I buy him a present or something
 similar……right now he will not even kiss me.

Beaver Deceiver


For some reason Men love to know the exact details when they catch their woman cheating
 (seen the movie "CLOSER" yet?). It's best not to give him the details, as if he does
 forgive you, which it sounds like he will (if he was really done with you, you wouldn't
 have heard back from him) then he will always have that scene running through his mind".
 Just write him an email or text and tell him you were drunk,
 missed him and that you regret it with every bone in your body; you are SORRY. That's all
 you can do. Giving him a gift or apologizing too much just makes you look even guiltier.
 You didn't LOVE this guy you fucked around with; it was just a physical thing, so it
shouldn't get blown out of proportion. It's not like you were seeing him for months and
fell in love, it was just a tryst. Men understand as they can usually separate love and lust.
 Tell him going into details is difficult as you were so drunk and you don't even want to
relive such a mistake. Assure him it won't happen again and sit back, be patient and give him
some space to think. Let HIM make the first move! Otherwise you will appear desperate and it
 will remind him that you are feeling guilty; not good. Ease your mind by knowing life will
go on & what's meant to be will be.


My guy keeps bugging me for anal sex. I have heard from ALL of my friends that it hurts and
 it’s unpleasant. He practically begs me, says “If you love me you’ll allow it at least once”.
 I do love him but his dick is already too big for my vagina. I need help, fast.

Exit Only Alice

Men always think we LOVE having a hard cock rammed up our poop shoot because they see porn
stars begging for it in their “movies”. Fact is, it hurts; especially if the man is well hung.
 His begging for your tighter hole is similar to you begging for him to have a wider cock.
 If you let him try it once, he is bound to love your tight ass and will be gagging for it
all the time. If you’re against it, don’t open Pandora’s Box or it will be a major pain in the ass.


 I've been dating this girl for almost 7 months. Most of her guy friends
are guys that she has slept with in the past. She says that she has
only been with a few guys like 8 or something but she still hangs out
with half of them. Like going out to lunch and sometimes dinner. Always
exclusively and never with her friends while I'm at work. Is this good
girlfriend behavior? She says they are all just her friends and I believe
her but it makes me uncomfortable…I don't hang out with anybody that
I slept with in the past except one of my ex girlfriends who I dated
 and calls my girlfriend more than she calls me so that’s a lot different.
 Anyway one guy that she went to lunch with a week ago and also slept
 with in the past. Sent her a text message at like 10 or 11 at night
 asking her to hang out. She said she was watching a movie with me but
then he replied that he would try harder when she was single. That
really upset me and she was really upset when I brought it up she said
 that he was drunk and isn't like that normally. She didn't reply to the
text message after he said that. She also talks to her ex boyfriend of 4
 years a lot. Sending myspace comments back and forth and texting. He
 even brought her over a gift last week. She's pregnant.. with my baby.
  It's important to that I work these things out with her. What
 am I supposed to do here? Is it wrong for me to tell her that she
needs to cease relationships with past flings? How do I tell her that?

Nervously Neil



Ok, she has all the power now. So you can not tell her what to do,
or even suggest it at this point. Do NOT mention them again!
Once the baby is born, she won't have any extra time for these
clingy fools. Just concentrate on her and put the blinders on to the
Ex boyfriends. They are her ex's; you are her guy and father to the baby.
You need to be more mature (I know they are aggravating and irritating
but do not let them win). Offer her foot rubs, lower back rubs and
just be fun to be with. She will want to be with you rather than them.
Like I said, when the baby comes, those wankers will just blend into the
Past; they will be history as her baby and you will keep her more than
busy and hopefully, content.

How to win ANY woman over ^



Why do all the best men end up with bitches? My husband and I have a male friend
 who is the perfect guy; he’s handsome, has money, is smart, ambitious & treats
women perfectly. Over the last 5 years I’ve seen him be screwed over repeatedly.
 He attracts moody, selfish women; of course in the beginning they’re nice.
 Quickly the worm turns & they mistreat him. This guy is a very confident,
successful business man. It pains me to see such a great man wasted. All these
bitches use him like a credit card. Double dates kill me! It’s not fair because
some of my girls swoon over him but he’s always taken by some slut and of course
 being the man he is he is very loyal, doesn’t flirt. Should I intervene?

Meddling Mary


Ever heard the term "Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen"? A lot of men LOVE to be treated
like that. It turns them on. It's a challenge. I am not defending the woman you are
moaning about, I am being neutral. You say they are usually "sluts". Hmm, I wonder
 what could possibly keep him around? Dirty, hot sex perhaps? Women who have the upper
 hand are usually very confident, and that’s a huge turn on for most men. Not all
men want an agreeable, good girl. As hard as it may be for you to witness, that is
 what he chooses and one can not change a man. Maybe someday he will get tired of
the demanding divas and snap up one of your "girls" but I wouldn't hold your breath
 or get involved. Count your blessings you have a blissful marriage and that
you’re out of the dating game.


Ask Dr. Dot (November 2008)

Feel Free to ask me any question, I always change the names around, so know one will know your identity, except me. I answer all questions personally. You can find my columns on line, just google "Ask Dr. Dot". It also appears in Penthouse Forum every month as "Calling Dr. Dot".


Dr. Dot




My girlfriend and I broke up last Summer when she moved to Asia. But for the last year that we
 were living together we didn't have sex I started watching porn to satisfy myself. Now that I am
dating again, I seem to have a harder time staying stiff when I am with a woman. I don't have a
difficult time when I'm watching porn though. Obviously, I can get an erection. Am I addicted
 to porn, or have I just developed the beginnings of ED? What can I do to figure this out?
I just don't know what's normal anymore. I never had this problem in my life.
Softie Sal


"ED"? Wtf does that stand for? Eating disorder? Exiguous Dick?
It could be your penis is rebelling. He is pissed the fuck off he lived with
a pussy for a year and didn't have any access at all, only your hand was there for him. Now he
 is showing YOU who's boss. Take control again and retrain him.  Your cock is spoiled by
your over tentative hand. No one can fuck you like you and porn if fun but it can make men lazy.
 There is no need for bringing your hand out to dinner, giving it compliments or foreplay.
Porn provides the scene and your hand provides the "pussy". Time to break up the monotony
 and prepare for real pussy. Cut back a bit on the porn and wank once a day
 instead of 4 times a day for example. It's hard for a normal girl to compete with a Double-Penetration-hungry
 porn star on her first date. Try to start all over again, getting excited over a date, her smell, glimpse of cleavage,
possibility of a first kiss, the anticipation, and the foreplay when it finally comes. Kind of like putting a fat
 kid on a diet, even though it's parents own a Haagen Daz ice cream shop. It must be done.


I am a randy young woman, with a slammin' sex life. What bothers me though is
how often I have to put the breaks on spicy make out sessions when it comes to
the penetration point. Most of the time, the men I make out with don't have condoms
but still want to fuck. Naturally I say no and they either are upset that I don't have
any on me or that I won't let them shag me without a condom. Why are men so
willing to dive into an unknown pussy without protection? Is it because I look
so innocent or are they just dumb? And is it our job as females to suddenly be
the condom machine?
Pissed off Patti


They may be so willing to dive in without protection because
they’ve probably been lucky so far, not having experienced a STD
that turned their cock purple with red spots or having knocked up a girl
on a one night stand. These fearless, horny buggers who, thanks to
their raging hard on, aren't thinking at all. I’d be lying if I said protected sex feels
better than bareback but you have to protect yourself from Aids, STDs and pregnancy,
unless you’re in a long-term monogamous relationship.
A man expecting the lady to carry condoms is as arrogant as it is ignorant.
We don't own a cock, so we shouldn't have to tote rubbers around; they
don't own a pussy and shouldn't have to supply us with tampons. Next time
you get busy with a man who hasn’t any protection,
 take a walk to the corner shop together and make him buy condoms. This will
 teach him that you are a safe, responsible,
yet fun and eager. Great combo.

I’m 18, I’ve never had a proper girlfriend before although there’s
a girl in my life currently who I really want to date. I’m totally straight, there’s no
question about that and I love being a man. The thing is that I like dressing up in
women’s clothes. I don’t know what it is that  makes me do it but I can't help it.
 What makes it worse is the fact that they’re my sister’s clothes. I don’t feel anything
 sexual towards her at ALL.
I want to stop but whenever I try and resist the temptation, I fail. I always tell myself
'right you’re not going to dress up' then 5 minutes later I am admiring myself dressed up.
 Would any girl be completely scared off by this sort of thing if I tried to tell her about it?

Dressed up Dan


You may as well just embrace your fetish now and get it over with, rather than struggling with it
for years, going to therapy which you don't need, blah blah blah. We ALL have our weird sides,
and I mean everyone. Young girls may not understand this habit of yours, but older women will.
Thing is, you shouldn't change for anyone. You like the feel and look of women's clothes on your
body and who can blame you? Our clothes look and feel sexier than men's clothes. Perhaps this
is your cue to take up a career in Fashion. Lots of straight men make ladies clothes and I know
quite a few straight men; some rock stars even, which love to cross dress in private. It's not a
a big deal, honest. There is no sense in hiding things from the girls you choose to date. Don't tell
them until you are sure you can trust them and you can even make it fun like when you are both
naked before/after sex, just get up and try her clothes on; it will surely make her giggle. Make her
try your clothes on as well. Don't sit them down for a serious chat about your habit, just slowly
weave it into things. I am sure they have strange habits they keep from you as well. Life would
be boring as fuck if we were all just plain, boring and straight laced. Be proud that you're different.

A lot of my exes, past lovers and current girlfriend wouldn't let me make them cum. Why is this?
I get them right to it and they stop me. Do or did they want us to cum together maybe?
 Or with my most recent ex, she was very shy. Maybe she was shy about cumming in front of me?
Honestly, their climax is  more important to me than my own and I wanted to know what you have
 to say about it.

Climax Carl

It could be a control issue, afraid to lose control and hand it over to you. Maybe they can't let their hair down,
have fun and give into pleasure. Sometimes, women never find out HOW to cum. It's obviously not as easy
for girls to cum as it is for guys. Since everyone is different, the only way you will find out, is by asking each
girl you get in the sack. Just come right out
and ask them if it happens again. Say, ""Can you make yourself cum?” If she says "yes" then ask her to show
 you how she does it. Bed is no place to be shy or afraid to ask questions.



Hoping your advice will save my love life. I have always been the giver in my
relationship and now I am thinking of asking my woman to marry me. We have an outrageous sexy life and have been together for 2 years and we still make each other crazy in bed. I love her a lot but she has sometimes been unkind. She is demanding and no matter how much I give, it never seems to be enough. Her attitude does turn me on but I wonder if she will ever treat me a bit better, like if I ask for her hand in marriage. I would marry her but wonder if this will give away all my power?
Every time I pull away from her she tries to pull me back. I feel like
things have come to a head and its do or die. Should I pop the question? (I swear I treat her soooooo good.)

Whipped Woody

Everyone is "unkind" now and then. If you think marriage
will change things, you need to get a grip. If you find yourself
pulling away from her, then marrying her is a stupid idea.
Marriage is not even necessary anymore. People do not
need a contract to love one another. A big party to celebrate
your love and commitment should satisfy everyone's need
to wear tacky dresses and receive presents from friends and
family, but why the contract? The very thing that people
think will make them feel like they've "sealed the deal" is the
same thing that leaves them craving for regular sex, which
seldom occurs in a marriage, hence the fact that most marriages
end in divorce anyways. If she is mean to you, grow some balls
and ask her why. If things don't improve, move on and find
a woman who loves a giver (there are plenty of them out there).


I am a 23 year old female, and was wondering if you had any suggestions as to
how to make "doggy style" feel better for me. For some reason, when my fiancé
and I try this, it is uncomfortable EVERYTIME. Sometimes painful, sometimes just
flat out UNCOMFORTABLE! I know He loves it, as he keeps asking me to do it, so we need to perfect this.

Any tips?! thanks!

Don’t-like-the-Doggy Daisy

I am guessing your man has a long schlong. You can try it standing, and cross
your legs tight when he is in you, to be able to control how deep and hard he
prods you but squeezing his cock with your pussy (crossed legs make the grip
tighter). If you do it on the bed, tell him to go in you, and then carefully lie flat
On your stomach, with him in you, and again, close your legs together tightly
And cross your legs. He will love the tighter grip and you will love the fact
He isn't playing pool with your ovaries anymore. If it STILL hurts, try to keep
One hand on the base of his cock while he fucks you to control how deep he
Goes. If none of that works, stop doing it doggy style. Get on top of him and
squat on him so you can control the pressure. You may have a cyst or two on
your ovaries, which is very common. You can either have them removed or
start taking the pill, which pretty much makes them disappear.