Pat Benatar still has it

 I drove from NYC to Bridgeport Connecticut tonight (August 31st, 2008) to finally meet and massage Pat Benatar and co. Thing is, they have been using my massage team for ages, and they LOVE my team. I have to admit, I was getting a bit jealous every time a Dot Bot reported back to me how much fun it was massaging them all and seeing their show etc. I was always in touch per email, of course, to coordinate their massages, but I never got to be there personally, until tonight. 

I was greeting with open arms, big smiles and a few roars when they realized that I wasn't just one of my Dot Bots (massage assistants). Erin, the tour assistant has been super sweet to me and it was great to finally meet her. Some of the roadies were confused- my team and I all wear the same shirt, so how are they to know? The manager announced to everyone that I was Dr. Dot, and they were super curious to meet me and a few roadies asked me to pose with them, it was so funny. They all complimented me on my massage team, telling me how great my Dot Bots are, how loyal they are to me and how grateful they were to have kick ass massages at most of their shows from my team. I was on cloud nine upon hearing all of these positive reports. Music to my ears. Now it was up to me to live up to my name and show them how strong MY hands were too. I dug in and massaged anyone who had time. By the way, Bridgeport is a very dangerous looking area of Connecticut. YIKES!!!


After everyone got their rub down, show time finally rolled around. I remember seeing Pat live when I was 14 years old or so.. It was in Providence, RI. I even bought her concert shirt and wore it to school the next day, gloating; still high off of the amazing show. I have always been a fan of Pat's. I sing her songs at karaoke (Hell is for Children, Heart Breaker and my band Bitchfest even did her version of Helter Skelter). She isn't very well known in Europe, I guess it's because she is what one would call American Rock and Roll, 80's rock you know?. 



Pat is super sweet and is very nice to her fans. I was in her dressing room when the local promoter brought in the meet and greet people and Pat was polite, gracious, friendly, as was her man Neil. Their entourage is like a tightly knit family and they only allow a select few into their circle of trust. 

 Bassist Mick is a super cool guy ^


 Mick Mahan , Bass, me, German drum tech- Christian and Chris Ralles , the Drummer ^

Doesn't that bloke Christian, above resemble Scott Weiland ??? 


Chris, the drummer and I talked about favorite drummers and both agreed Vinnie Colaiuta is right up there as one of the worlds best. He knows Chad Wackerman, Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa and Chad Wackermann too, so again, it's a small rock and roll world. To pass some time while we were all waiting for the parking lot to clear,  I played him some sound board Hendrix I have on my iPod, live 1968 from Winterland, SF. Smokin' hot show. We rocked out!



Above: 80's rock hero sandwich. YAY!!!!   ^

Mark ^ is a personal friend of Pat and Neil's (by the way, everyone calls Neil "Spyder"). Mark is their driver, friend, confidant and a drummer in his spare time. He looked after me. He was so generous, kind, fun and attentive, I really felt like a queen. Mark drives a few other bands around too, you can check out his site HERE. Sometimes you meet folks on the road that are so mad cool, it makes everything so worth while. Mark loved the fact that I am not too shy to work on someones ass. I give a great butt massage. I personally HATE IT when a therapist massages me and ignores my ass. After the massage I'm like "excuse me, is their something WRONG with my ass?" and they're like "no, why?!" and then I'm like "because you "forgot" to massage it and now it feels rejected. If a therapist doesn't massage my ass during an audition, I won't hire them, plain and simple. People on tour SIT on their asses for hours and hours and their butt simple needs a good pounding. End of story.

Mark even sorted me out a copy of their set list and a laminate pass for me ^ I have to admit, the band sounded amazing and Pat was in top form, BUT the venue has crappy acoustics, I mean, my car stereo is fucking louder. Or perhaps I am just a deaf cunt (I do have EXTREME Tinnitus in my left ear since ten years, just like Pete Townshend has).


Neil has developed an amazing vitamin company called On the Rock Nutrition . He is walking proof of how good they work, he looks super healthy and is fit as fuck.  A lot of the massage therapists on my team take them and they feel amazing. I ordered my own bottle as I am always looking for healthy ways to get more energy  since sleep is rarely an option. Neil, Pat and their kids live half the time in Hawaii and the other half in Malibu, California. Neil is very passionate about this vitamin and mineral firm and he and some of the guys in the band take part in triathlons for charity.  They even said Lance Armstrong was at one of them, which really discouraged them in the bicycle part of the race. heh heh. I find it to be so sweet how Pat and Neil are still together after all these years and their kids are all gorgeous, happy and well grounded too. Living proof that true love can last and even withstand the strains of fame. (ditto with Charlie Watts, Keith Richards, etc).

It took AGES to get my car out of the parking lot, so I was chit chatting with a few of the local crew. It seemed most of them were Harley dudes and this one bike really caught my eye, man, what a hot looking ride ^


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 Gotta get my ass to bed, it's 6am again and I am still wide awake


Dr. Dot