Random NYC moments


Working on my France and Italy blogs, I swear. It's raining and COLD here in NYC but that does NOT keep me inside. My very good friend Chrissi and I went out the other night for karaoke. I did NOT know it was her first time.

I watched her pop her karaoke cherry and didn't even know it until AFTER she brought the fucking house down doing "I'm torn". She danced all around, held the mic like she had been doing so for years. Then after the song she said "it wasn't as scary as I thought!". I was like "uh, what do you mean?" She told me it was REALLY her first time ever. I was shocked. She was a natural pro! Not a shy cell in her body. Then again, her dad is a rather famous musician so it must be in her genes. 

 Chrissi luckily got our of the US Army just in time as she was just about to be shipped to Iraq. Now she is back home and enjoying her favorite hobby Sky Diving on a regular basis. She is FEARLESS. I need to call Simon Cowell, this girl belongs on American Idol. She's GOT IT.