Zappa plays Zappa news (I have a weak spot for Dweezil ;)

"Hello Friends,

As you may or may not be aware, we here in "Zappaland" are busily preparing for
another exciting Zappa Plays Zappa tour filled with new material as well as some
old favorites. Before we hit the road again we will be releasing the Zappa Plays
Zappa DVD from the 06 inaugural tour. The DVD is available at last in stores
now and will be available as a 2 disc set and as a special fan pack that
includes both DVD discs plus audio (3) CDs of the same material. A single
compilation audio CD will also be available separately. It’s in stores now!

Another exciting development is the fact that public television affiliates will
be airing a special One Hour show from the ZPZ DVD as one of their highly
acclaimed pledge shows in dozens of markets across the US. The first market to
take the leap will be Southern California. On May 3rd I will be going to San
Diego to premiere the DVD on KPBS. Ironically, back in the mid 70’s Frank
created a program for television at the KCET studios in Los Angeles with the
goal of a public television broadcast but unfortunately programmers found
reasons not to air the show at that time.

All these years later, audiences will catch a glimpse of various eras of my
father’s music played by ZPZ with the utmost respect. To get this material on
the airwaves is a small but very important victory for all fans of Frank’s
music. Hopefully one day Frank’s actual KCET show will be aired on public
television as he designed it.

As always, ZPZ’s goal is to capture the attention of a new audience and inspire
them to discover the intricate musical landscape of Frank’s vast catalog of
albums for themselves.

As the public television broadcast is a pledge show, viewer support is highly
encouraged and this is no exception. There are different pledge levels
beginning with the new single CD from the ZPZ show, the ZPZ DVD (2 discs), a
special fan pack that includes the DVD as well as the entire program on CD (5
discs total) and an exciting opportunity to pledge your best support of your
local public station in exchange for the deluxe version that includes
Trance-Fusion (FZ’s final Guitar Recording) as well as "One Shot Deal", the
Exciting and New (and Official 83) Frank Zappa release available on CD here for
the first time anywhere – through the local public television pledge programs’
call-in number. (It will also become available on the ZPZ Tour de Frank and
eventually online at Barfko-Swill.)

I’m grateful for the opportunity to present Frank’s music to a wider audience. I
hope that all you within range of a TV (in San Diego this week ) will
participate in the program by donating what you can to your local public
televsion stations (while they last!!!) Please call in. The response from this
premiere will likely dictate how many other affiliates decide to air the show.

Your help is much appreciated. I look forward to talking with some of you on the
phone during the broadcast and I especially look forward to seeing you at the
concerts this year.

Regards, Dweezil Zappa"