Greetings from Rome (Eva Longoria + the Magnum Hot Chocolate Massage)

Greetings from Rome. This place is gorgeous but loud. Making lots of videos to share with you. Yesterday I was in Cannes, will explain in more detail when I get back to Berlin. Magnum Ice Cream asked me to develop a Hot Chocolate Massage for Eva Longoria my favorite Desperate Housewife (I am just assuming you know the show).

Anyways, Eva has said many times that she is a “Spa junkie” and also LOVES Magnum Chocolate Ice Cream (hopefully it will soon be available in North America too). SOooo, in order to show her a really good time and to show her how we can take both of her vices and turn them into one amazing experience, Magnum and I have been working very closely together to make that happen just for her.

Magnum taste better than anything Haggen Daas has to offer, so you can just imagine how yummy it is. Chocolate is not only yummy, it makes you happy and I feel you shouldn’t put anything on  your skin you aren’t willing to eat, plus the warm feeling of thick chocolate all over your body is pure bliss.


Here are a few of the pictures taken yesterday. I am editing the videos (see first one below) as well as awaiting more pictures, but this is all I have for now; this and the great memories of one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. EVA ROCKS!!!!!!!


Talk to you later



Demonstrating the Magnum Hot Chocolate Massage for Eva ^


Eva has a closer look (and wiff) of how amazing the Chocolate smells