Massage Delivery service in Paris, France

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Hello/Bonjour beautiful People
As a massage therapist i like to incorporate relaxation massage with myofascial release, deep tissue work, and trigger point therapy. Combining these different techniques makes for a relaxing, yet effective massage in relieving tight muscles from every day use or injuries from overuse. I decided to become a massage therapist because i love helping people. At the end of the day i find such a fulfilment knowing i have made a difference in helping the clients feel better. I plan on taking Reiki levels 1 and 2 to expand my knowledge of energy healing and to help attune myself to understand clients injuries even better. I strongly believe in staying active in the Kundalini Yoga and meditation and live a happy, healthy life.

Peace & Love ✌

Massage Delivery service in Paris, France

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I’m professionally massaging, I usually do 1 to 2 hours of Californian massage per session. I’m massaging from head to toes for a complete relaxing and mostly to release any muscular tension. I use my own blend of Kinesiology techniques when it’s necessary, in order to influence the energetic dimension of the being.

I also use self-hypnosis when the client is feeling specific blocks.

On the other side, my coaching background made me develop a proactive and caring listening for clients wanting to engage further in talking.

My approach is definitely holistic, it is taking into account many dimensions: physical, energetic, psychological, spiritual.

Massage Delivery service in Rome, Italy


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Hi.i am Ramy from Italy. I currently live in Rome and enjoy being part of the Dr.Dot team.

I have been graduated from the faculty of physical education specialist techniques of massage and physical therapist.i had my experience during 12 years of work in only 5 and 6 stars number 1 therapist in all Italy. Specializing in sports massage.swedish.deep tissue.medical massage for injuries. Ayurveda massage,lynphatic drainage massage, lomi lomi massage and also personal trainer.speak 5 languages.
I am looking forward to treating you as i am sure you will be back again after had your first treat with me.thanks a lot.

24 hour Chiropractic service in Lyon, France


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Axel is a french certificated Osteopathic Practitioner. He completed 5 years of full time osteopathic studies in the CEESO in Lyon (France).

He worked in osteopathic offices in France as a substitute. He has a particularly interest in athletes: injuries prevention, recovery and almost performance.

The subject of his thesis was although the link between an osteopathic treatment and the swimmer’s performance.

Axel enjoys also to take care of artists because of his great interest for the music. He consider them as high level athletes. He controls all osteopathic technics (structural, functional, myofascial release, cranio-sacral therapy, visceral, muscle energy technics, deep tissue massage) and he will choose the most appropriated to your situation.



24 Hour massage service in Paris, France


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I received my Therapeutic Massage Diploma in New Jersey a few years ago and have been practicing privately in New York and now here in Paris. 

I have been receiving deep tissue work (rolfing) for 20 years and plan to become a rolfer myself. In the meantime I incorporate deep tissue in my massages and use elbows and knuckles on the not-too-squeamish clients! I have also been practicing yoga for 16 years. 


24 hour Massage service in Paris, Burgundy, Dijon and Troyes France

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Hi, my name is Rashid. I have been a qualified massage therapist for the last 2 years and already have a number of holistic qualifications under my belt. I have now developed my techniques further by completing an advanced deep tissue massage and a sports massage course, which enables me to work precisely and much more deeper. 


Originally from the Greater Manchester, I had lived in Brighton on the South coast of UK for the past 2 years and have a built up and large client base. I have treated athletes at the Brighton marathon and Hove ladies football team. Now I live in France.


Being part of the Dr. Dot team is an exciting part of my career, mixing passions of massage, traveling and music all into one. I’m looking forward to treating you as I’m sure your looking forward to being treated. 


Lets Rock ‘n’ Roll. 



Massage in France

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My love of massage began at the age of eight when my grandmother taught me how to give foot rubs, for purely selfish reasons of course, my training took off from there. 

I am trained in various styles of massage and body treatments ranging from Deep Tissue to Watsu with everything inbetween. Each person and each session is different, listening to the clients wants and the bodies needs I pull from my bag of tricks that which will heal body and soul or at least make you feel really really good. 

I am based in the countryside of France but have table and will travel.

Massage in Paris, France



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My name is Akiko.

I have worked as a freelance photographer both for the press and the music industry during the last 10 years, although I have always felt attracted by natural therapies and energetic healing.

I thus decided to take up another of my passions and became a masseuse. I was very interested in the technique of Thai massage and decided to get trained directly in Thailand to learn traditional Thai massage. My first trip to Thailand was 5 years ago. Since then, I have given massages to private customers.

Thai massages are best practiced on the floor and I usually use a futon, although I can also work with a massage table. During events and forums, I practice the massage Amma where the client is seated on a chair.

Dr. Dot traf Eva Longoria zur Massage (Press release in Germany)

Dr. Dot traf Eva Longoria zur Massage Kategorie: Models, Menschen Von: JC Sierks Verführerische Momente an der Côte d'Azur


Echte Geniesserin: Eva Longoria Anfang der Woche präsentierte Promi-Masseurin Dr. Dot an der Côte d'Azur Eva Longoria, dem neuen Gesicht der Marke Magnum, ihre speziell entwickelte „Hot Chocolate Massage“. Als erklärte Liebhaberin von Genuss und Entspannung war Eva Longoria von der sinnlichen und wohltuenden Schokoladenmassage begeistert. Zur Präsentation der neuen Magnum Eisvariationen reiste „Desperate Housewives"-Star Eva Longoria am Montag in das Genussland Frankreich. Dort stellte sie nicht nur das verführerische Magnum Temptation vor, sondern traf auch auf die international renommierte Masseurin Dot Stein – besser bekannt als „Dr. Dot". Diese hatte eigens für die bekennende Wellness- und Schokoladenliebhaberin Eva Longoria eine besondere Schokoladenmassage entwickelt: Die „Magnum Hot Chocolate Massage". Inspiriert von den Vorlieben und der Sinnlichkeit Longorias hat die Wohlfühlspezialistin Dr. Dot die anregende Wirkung von Schokolade als Grundlage für diese exklusive Massage entdeckt. Der angenehme Duft sorgt für sinnliche Verwöhnmomente und die euphorisierende Wirkung des Kakaos tut der Seele gut. Die Haut wird seidig weich, und nach der Massage bleibt ein leichter, angenehmer Schokoladenduft zurück. Eva Longoria war begeistert. „Toll! Das möchte ich auch gern mal probieren!" Denn: Das neue Magnum Gesicht sucht nach stressigen Tagen ihren Ausgleich gern in besonderen Verwöhnmomenten. Der Hollywood-Star steht wohl wie keine andere dafür, das Leben zu genießen und sich von dessen kleinen Versuchungen verführen zu lassen. Sei es von schokoladigem Eisgenuss à la Magnum oder einer sinnlichen Massage. „Es ist enorm wichtig, im Leben die Balance zwischen Disziplin und Verführung zu finden. Man braucht von beidem etwas", erklärt die Schauspielerin.