A tragic loss: Maya Mayhem


It is with a heavy heart that I write this blog. I received an email from Maya's best friend that Maya just died. I still can't believe it. My daughter Jasmine just received a test massage from Maya over the summer in Rome. We were so thrilled to have such a great talent bless our team. Maya was very smart and easy to get along with. She was so eager to work and was fun to communicate with. My daughter and I are both shocked. I could not sleep at all last night- I had dreams and nightmares both about Maya. I do not know her Mother but keep putting myself in her shoes, mentally and try to imagine the pain she is going through. Maya's friends too, must be horrified. I have a frog in my throat when I think "when it's your time to go, you go". I just can't believe that. She was young, healthy and feisty. WHY HER!???

Below is part of the email from her friend. I asked her HOW did she die, I just wanted to believe it was spam, that it was untrue, but alas, it is true:

 "On December 6th, Maya went out to look for her neighbor's cat that had escaped from the garden. She went down on the train tracks near Stazione Casalina in attempts to save the kitten and was struck by a high speed train and was killed instantly. We had a Memorial for her on Sunday and her body will be cremated here in Rome. Her mother came right away and she will be leaving this weekend. We are all deeply shaken and saddened by this tragic loss and I miss my friend more and more everyday." 


Don't the trains use horns and whistles anymore!?? Wtf!!?? I am saddened by this and my heart goes out to her friends and family. She will not be forgotten. You can read her bio she made for my web site below. It stings even more to know a fellow hippie/Dead Head who risked (and gave) her life to save an animal was taken from this early decades too early. Heaven now has a loving, caring, sharp witted rocker up there with them, probably massaging all the deceased rockers (Hendrix? Joplin? Morrison? and for sure Garcia and Lennon/Harrison). You are missed Maya. Rock on.


Written by Maya:

"I was born in Lisbon Portugal to an American mother and Portuguese father. I moved to Manhattan at the age of 5 and then moved to Palo Alto California at the age of 10 where I unlearned the hard core street smarts I learned in NYC and began to be a nature loving hippie. 

Going to Jerry Garcia's high school I became exposed to Grateful Dead shows at the age of 14 (as they played every year at Frost Amphitheater), and at the age of 16 I was off on Dead Tour traveling to country. This was the year I learned about health and well being that would effect the rest of my life. I got certified in massage at the age of 18 and immediately started working in spas and began a life healing. 

I have been in Europe for the last 11 years and am still a massage therapist, vegetarian (since the age of 16), and do yoga and meditation daily, and love to heal people. 

I am a techno DJ and producer and I believe that even when I DJ I use the speakers as my massage table, so the theme of massage and healing touches everything I do."


 A Facebook page was created by her best friend Kristen for Maya, please feel free to join and express your feelings:  HERE

Rome by Dr. Dot

Leaving Rome in one hour, heading to Florence (haven't been there since 1991!). I have LOADS more pictures, videos and stories to share, but my hotel hardly has internet (only weak wireless in the lobby) and I'm mad busy, so I will periodically update the blog..


Dr. Dot x

Round 1 of my Rome videos ^

 Poor thing is being used to lure spare change ^ (she is super sweet so you can't resist) 


The "Spanish Steps" ^ which are actually French


 Superman showed me around Rome one day.. (long story which I will finish when I get time)




Rome part 2 ^


(still not done with this blog… will just keep adding shit on) 

Florence, Italy

Just landed back in Berlin (freezing, raining, dark, but home sweet home (second home sweet home πŸ™‚

I have tons of pictures and stories to share but need some sleep, which may prove difficult since Pooh bear is in my  SUITCASE in Munich Cry

Due to a flight delay, my bag is still in Munich but I know the trust worth Germans at Lufthansa will deliver it tomorrow, I just can't sleep without Pooh. Lame, I know. sigh.  Jasmine and I had an exciting time in Rome and Florence and I am looking forward to telling you about it…

Greetings from Rome (Eva Longoria + the Magnum Hot Chocolate Massage)

Greetings from Rome. This place is gorgeous but loud. Making lots of videos to share with you. Yesterday I was in Cannes, will explain in more detail when I get back to Berlin. Magnum Ice Cream asked me to develop a Hot Chocolate Massage for Eva Longoria my favorite Desperate Housewife (I am just assuming you know the show).

Anyways, Eva has said many times that she is a "Spa junkie" and also LOVES Magnum Chocolate Ice Cream (hopefully it will soon be available in North America too). SOooo, in order to show her a really good time and to show her how we can take both of her vices and turn them into one amazing experience, Magnum and I have been working very closely together to make that happen just for her.

Magnum taste 10 times better than anything Haggen Daas has to offer, so you can just imagine how yummy it is. Chocolate is not only yummy, it makes you happy and I feel you shouldn't put anything on  your skin you aren't willing to eat, plus the warm feeling of thick chocolate all over your body is pure bliss.


Here are a few of the pictures taken yesterday. I am editing the videos (see first one below) as well as awaiting more pictures, but this is all I have for now; this and the great memories of one of the best days I've had in a long time. EVA ROCKS!!!!!!!


Talk to you later



Demonstrating the Magnum Hot Chocolate Massage for Eva ^



Eva has a closer look (and wiff) of how amazing the Chocolate smells 


Massage in Rome

Finally we have help in Italy. I am so happy to introduce Melissa, our right hand wo-"man" in Rome. Why does it take so long to get Dr. Dot massage assistants all over the world? Because I insist on quality and that means they have to be tested/auditioned by me and my team in order to make the grade. I wouldn't suggest a restaurant to you without having tried it myself, nor would I send a massage therapist to work on you without having them auditioned. Quality, not quantity, that's what our team is about. Read about Melissa (and see her picture) below. If you are heading to Rome, let me know, we will set up your massage appointment.

Dr. Dot

ps. Melissa's first mission for the Dr. Dot team was to massage Roger Waters in Rome. Now that's a great first mission.

My name is Melissa and I was born in the states but have been living in Italy since 2005. I graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa with a degree in dance performance and have been dancing professionally for several years now in the States and Italy. Being a dancer, I understand how important it is to keep the body healthy physically and mentally, seeing injuries occur on a regular basis including myself. For this I decided to enter into massage, to be able to help those around me and really to get a better understanding of how the body functions. I attended  Massage Therapy School in Florida and received my license specializing in Sports massage and have been working with dancers, other artists, and the general public, privately and in centers since 2004. I incorporate several different modalities into my massage depending on the needs of the client; from a more sports/rehabilitative approach to a general Swedish relaxation massage. I fee l very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Dot, her team, and all the artists who come through doing what they do. Truly beautiful.