NYC/NJ video…round 1


Catherine ^ my friend, best massage assistant and right hand woman, comes up to NYC to visit me and we just trade massages for 3 days straight or more. Our hair gets so much massage oil in it, that we stick to wearing hats and laying low until the massage fest is over. But ooooooooh, it's so worth the message hair. It's heaven on earth! Some clients are lucky enough to get our 4 handed massage when she is up visiting from Baltimore. I do their backs while she does their legs and then we switch. Paradise. 

Braveheart ^ 

Another treat in May was massaging Adam Levine again. Talented eye candy. The girls LOVE him.


Speaking of eye candy. Look who I found wandering around NYC.. a real live cowboy (from Wales). Thought for sure he was a yank with that hat on.  Maybe he doesn't herd cows or horses, but sheep? Anyways, he's as pretty as a picture. 

Thanks to the dollar being so low and useless, the Brits and Irish are floodig Manhattan. These lads are from an Irish Rugby team. 

 My gay friend Darren was enjoying the fleshy show. I only drink two glasses of wine when I go out. Apparently it's too many.

I hate the song, but it is truly "Raining Men" in NYC. Straight, Gay, Buff, Rich, Poor, Fun, Boring and/or from every corner of the world you can imagine. If these guys are willing to take off their clothes in public, why shouldn't I take some lovely pictures? Too bad one can't hear their accents through the pictures, the Welsh and Irish accents are oooh soooo lovely.

Darren, my gay pal, is the one with the wild eyes and tiny goatee' beard. He was THOROUGHLY enjoying all the men loitering around us at one of my favorite karaoke bars, Solas. I am a fag hag again. Between Danny and Darren, it appears I do in fact get along rather well with gay men. In the past, I have seen some act more vicious than any bitch could dream of being, so I was afraid of hanging with gays. But I am over that, we get along and if we have to have a tiny cat fight, we do and move on. The fights always seem to revolve around tits, men and another catty fag hag, but oh well, it's worth all the fun in the end.

Speaking of GAY, today, sore throat and all, I dragged my tired ass out to witness the annual Christopher Street day parade.I took my new and improved video camera out with me for the first time and made LOADS of videos. I now have the task of editing and narrating it, blah blah blah. That's coming up next 🙂 

By night or day, Manhattan is breathtaking to look at. Almost as breathtaking as the energy it gives off. Even the surrounding burrows; the ambition and joy that the people feel is contagious. You get high off it. NYC: a natural high. I LOVE NEW YORK (and Hoboken 🙂