Massage in Boston (wickedfuckinpissa)

So happy my massage team is growing so fast. If I would just hire anyone without auditioning them to see how great they are, I would have thousands of Massage assistants, but because I make sure each one is auditioned, it takes longer. Quality, not quantity. I just hired Karen and I am super excited to have another talented rock chick (and a New Englander at that!) on our team. If you are in Boston or heading there and want to have a Dr. Dot style massage, drop me a line and I will organize a massage for you with Karen.

Read about her and see her picture below,

x Dr. Dot



"My name is Karen and a long while ago I was labeled a closet headbanger.  I'm 29 years old and live in South Boston, Ma.  I'm a LMT specializing in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Therapy and Swedish Massage.  
 I grew up in Mass and at the age of 22 decided I wanted to travel and go to school.  So…I packed up my little V.W. and headed out for Colorado.  I went to school and engrossed myself in an intensive 1200 hour massage program and worked.  But it wasn't all hard work.  I met some of the greatest people and found my other passion aside from music and massage….snowboarding…Ahhh the mountains! 

I definitely experienced Rocky Mountain High!  I decided to move home to be close to the family and get back to the ocean.  So, here I am living in Southie with all the crazy Irish.
Why massage?  I don't know if there's a more rewarding feeling than having someone tell you, you have affected their day or sometimes even their life in a positive way.  The energy exchange truly inspires and motivates me to want to be a great therapist.  My clients have often told me that my hands get hot during a massage.  I know that I am facilitating the energy needed to heal and what a wonderful feeling!

 Why work for Dr. Dot?  I was attracted to her website because I too grew up a rocker.  My mom was a groupie for my dads Alice Cooper cover band.  I grew up listening to KISS blaring out of my brothers room from the age of 5 (which is as far back as I can remember).  My brothers friend at the age of 14 labeled me a closet headbanger after finding my tapes which included Dokken, Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, Tesla, Ozzy and of course The Scorpions.  And so the nickname was born…. I am a closet headbanger (I guess I'm out now)!
Can't wait to continue the work I love so much!"