Ask Dr. Dot (Hot for Teacher/Pubic Hair-Ball Hell)


I'm 33, grew up in a middle class Democrat household, with one sibling.
I had to learn a lot about the way the world works.
My girlfriend grew up in Chicago. She's 32, from a large, very rich Republican family.
She is wonderful but going through a brutal divorce and cries all the time. She questions
 my feelings for her. I hate to hear people cry about everything. I find it weak and
annoying. I'm aware that life is hard for her right now. But it's killing me! I give her
 advice and then she turns it around on me and my life. When I hear this shit, I get quiet.
 Then she knows that I'm upset and starts to apologize. She also
has Multiple Sclerosis I know what this does to her. I love her and I'll wait for her.
I am very loyal and know I am a good boyfriend;
I don't give up on people, hold grudges or worried about wasting time.
I've read your advice to others and was amazed by your vision and need input,
some other way to look at this dilemma.
At wits end Wally  

If she is from Chicago, some of those tears could be from missing her family and their support.
I realize some may get emotional about a divorce but she should be happy, not sad, that she
can now move on and concentrate on her new relationship and the future, not crying about the
miserable past (most divorce because of bad times, not good times). Some of the tears could
be from the fear of her diesease and/or perhaps she is on the pill? The pill can make any
woman an emotional wreck. Ask her if she is on the pill as many women just can't handle the monthly
hormonal roller coaster ride the pill brings them on. It can push some into deep depression.
Write her a letter and tell her you were hoping she would be relieved and happy about
finalizing her departure from her ex, not sad and you are taking those tears as a sign she
isn't happy about your future together. Perhaps if she reads this she will finally see that her
 whining is becoming selfish and making you feel responsible.
You can't save her from her disease, but you are there for her so that should be enough to dry
those miserable tears.


I started dating this guy and things got very good, very fast. It feels legit, and I
know he is not a player type, he's doing all the right things; dinners, plans to go away,
he introduces me to everyone, etc. The intensity has calmed a little (it's been a month now)
and he is still proving his feelings with actions and less with words, but I am still hungry
for him chasing me a little. I think I am just addicted to intensity.
Do you think that once guys decide they may have a future with a girl,
they ease up after the initial courting because they are plotting their lives together – i.e.
how am I going to support us, etc..?
I am trying to just flow and not create dramas just to have the intensity.
I want to continue playing my cards right. Can you suggest anything without much game playing ?
 My instinct is to date others to protect myself, but that is an old script I
want to rid myself!

Passion Hungry Hannah

This is the sort of thing that makes men consider us high maintenance. He's doing every thing
 correctly, but you still want more. We all love passion but that initial high one gets with
 a new partner can not last forever.
You can either keep dating new people to get that rush or find another way to get it like bungee
 jumping, roller blading , learning karate OR using your imagination and screwing your partner
 in forbidden places/situations.
Of course it won't be the exact kind of rush, but it will keep things exciting. You don't need
to play any cards or games to make him chase you more, just let him date you like he does and if
he is doing everything right, like you said, you may end up with a life long partner who may not
 be shooting fireworks out of his ass, but will be there for you and as time goes on, stability
becomes more attractive than constant passion.
You can save the drama part for the bedroom, like I said, and use your imagination to keep the rush alive.

 I met this awesome chick online and agreed to meet
 her in person, and as far as I could tell, she was interested in sex.
 Unfortunately, schedules were difficult and she ended up
 meeting me while I was out with my best friend. We both instantly fell in
 love with her, and half-jokingly I suggested we wage war over her. Being as
 how my time was wrapped up at the moment, he started seeing her regularly
 and she ended up dating him. The three of us remained
 friends, and the two of them have even spent the night at my place.

 Still, there's genuine sexual tension there.  She knows what she does to me,
 and she is very flirty with both of us when we are with her.  He doesn't live
 in the city, so he has to come from the suburbs, and because her and I are usually
 in close proximity, there's always the sense that something could happen.
  Recently I receive a text message, saying she "really wants to come over tonight".
 This would be a major betrayal of my best friend, but I was thinking with my cock
 and I invited her over  for a nightcap.
 She got cold feet and said no, and reminded that she was dating my friend but
 she also found me hot.
 After she said no, I told our other mutual friend, who suggested I should tell
 my original friend about the interaction. He made me swear I'd tell him, but I
 think only bad things can come out of that, and it's best we kept this
 conversation quiet, but I'm afraid my other friend will spill the beans if I refuse.
 What should
 I do?
 Stuck in the middle

Take the high road and don't mention it. If you did, your best friend would probably think
 with his dick and will thank you for the tip but ignore it as a warning or he may even think
 that you are lying, trying to break them up, so you lose either way. You couldn't win or gain
 in that situation. Just smile, knowing, she desires you. Find another hot babe ASAP and then you
 can all double date and then you can make both your friend and that indecisive girl squirm. As for
 your blackmailing buddy, tell him you stand by your choice and he should shut his pie hole.

 I'm a 22-year old girl and really want to fuck my
French professor who is 41.  The college that I attend
has a strict policy about student/teacher
relationships, but because of particular incidents I
know for a fact that he's into me.  He is not my
Professor this year, although he was last year, and
every time we see each other there is sexual tension.
We can't communicate via the college's email because
of the technology dept.'s close eye (college is
small).  My ultimate fantasy has been to have an
affair with a professor.  How can I let him know that
I'm into him, without letting the entire community
know it?  And what can I do to draw his attention?
I'm afraid to make the first move in case I'm
rejected/make a fool of myself, but if that's his fear
too, then how do we assure each other that the
feelings are mutual?

Hot for Teacher 



This is very risky and probably the most popular fantasy that
people who love to act upon. You are both adults so I would
certainly not be the one to say "No no!".
Life is all about taking chances and everyone is entitled to make
an ass out of themselves, it builds character and gives you something
to laugh about when sitting in traffic. You both know the consequences
so move forward at your own risk. If the temptation is too much to bare,
write him a note with your number and private email address and say
"If you're thinking what I'm thinking, feel free to get in touch, x"
If he is married, don't bother, give the guy a break. But if he is single,
why not?
If kept very private, once you leave College, you could start breeding
with this man and the "happily ever after" story could happen.

Myspace is a double edged sword. I met my ex on there and now
the my new love interest has been getting harassed from my
ex and it seems she has changed her tune, she grew cold on me.
I smell foul play; my ex probably poisoned the new girl with
evil thoughts about me. How can I turn this around?
Myspace Mayhem

You are correct; myspace is HELL for anything that has
to do with dating and love relationships. Unlike real life
where your past is usually out of sight, out of mind,
myspace has your past and present all online for all to see
and it can be used against you, to incriminate you and allows jealous
people to stalk and cause trouble.
All you can do it write your ex and tell her to give you a
fair chance and to please ignore your past.
You may want to email her as she may have blocked you on
myspace. Get your point across asap, be it online or in a real letter.
If that doesn't help, let it slide, you can't pine after someone
who doesn't want you anymore.
Next time, make your profile private so these girls can't cause any
more cat fights at your expense. Be careful who you accept as friends,
they could be ex's in disguise.

I'm in love with a married lady. How can I get her to forget about
her husband and pay me some attention. I’m a security guard, and she is a TV star.
She makes much more money than I do, but I know she loves to fuck me.
What can I do and do you think I have a chance to win this woman over for real?
Billy the Back Door man

Most married people do not leave their spouse for a lover and if they do, how could
you ever trust them?
The whole aspect of them being taken, hard to get and unavailable makes them so much
more attractive, so the passion is extreme, more so then if they were single and
giving you more attention. People always want what they can't have, so keep that in
mind at all times, it may help ease your aching, yearning heart.
Since she is so successful and already married, she probably needs a challenge, so try not
to be at her beck and call, be a tad hard to get yourself, keep her on her toes.
BUT if I were you, I would play the field, keep your options open, as she could drop you
like a hot potato at any given moment.

I was dating this 24 year old Australian guy, (I am 21) and I knew from the start it
was temporary, as he was on a 6 month Visa. We had amazing sex but he was far from
perfect; he hardly had any money and was messy when he slept over, but still, I grew
 to love him and the regular, hot sex. The end of the 6 months arrived and instead

of wanting to see me more, he hung with his friends and barely called, he was rather
 mean to me in fact. Had I not called the night before he left, I doubt we would have
met again at all. I am in tears, wondering if it was all a joke for him. Words of
 wisdom please.
Tear-eyed Tess

Of course there is a possibility that he was just using you, but I am willing to bet he
was doing the man thing and trying to either save his feelings or yours. By acting like
a heartless prick, he didn't have to say a  sad good bye, which is very cowardly but
sometimes it's hard for a man to show his loving, tender feelings so being mean is easier.
Being cold to you may have been his way of saying "get over me, stop thinking about me,
 I am out of here". If you think of it that way, it may help you stop crying and ask yourself,
"were the good times worth the tears?" If not, next time a person says "I am only here for
a while" just keep walking as obviously feelings can get hurt.


Every time I suck my boyfriends cock I get cock hairs in my mouth. What do I do with them?
 I have been swallowing them but I wonder if they are bad or good for me.

Hair-ball Haley

Ask him to trim his jungle down to a tasteful bush.
They may feel rough going down, but it won't hurt you to swallow his short and curly’s
it's like fiber, keeps things moving in your digestive system.