Happy Halloween!

I don’t know about your town/city, but NYC and Berlin celebrate Halloween on the Saturday night before Halloween. This is how our Halloween looked so far.

^ Shai  and I at the Ceili House Irish Pub  (she dressed as a man for Halloween…and when she isn’t dressed as a man ^ 

No, I didn’t dye my hair, it’s a wig and wig’s are HELL fyi.


Danielle and Kristian ^ the bar man and more importantly,  the bassist for the band LOOP

 < Brunette from Hell

Push up bra from HELL  ^

One thing that was annoying as FUCK, is even though it’s advertised up the ass, Germans are afraid to dress up for Halloween, so every where

we went, we were the only one’s dressed up, apart from the staff of each pub/bar/club. ‘Gawked at’ is an understatement.

 < Don’t expect the Devil to behave

Pete is from a Belfast based band called the SUPERFREAKZ . They are friends of mine on myspace. He was in town on Holiday and

said he has to meet me as his band insisted on him getting a pic taken with me heh heh. The poor guy didn’t know what he was getting into.


Random close-up shots. I know, I know, I will burn in HELL…. see ya there!

 ^ Pete will have to do 1,000 Hail Mary’s when he gets his skinny ass back to Belfast

< Hot


^ I filmed the girls dancing in the "mall" called the Europa Center.

The music is a clip of me singing "Fever"…short and sweet

  Happy Halloween!!!

^ The shoe shine chair at the "Mall" / Europa Center

ps. Thanks to MAYORESS for her help in editing my "film"