Ask Dr. Dot

There is this guy that I’ve been friends with for about 6 months. we are very
close and talk to each other almost every day, go out for lunch often and
travel together. He’s in the music business but not in a band. He’s a really
good guy and I’ve fallen for him, even though I didn’t find him initially
attractive. He says he cares for me and would do anything for me – even
offered me money when I was short on bills – I declined the offer. Basically,
takes very good care of me. One BIG problem – he’s married. Now, nothing
physical has happened between us, as I have too much respect for him to ruin
his life. I don’t think his wife knows that I even exist – but I have
tremendous guilt about being so close with a married man. it’s easy for most
people to say, then back off – but every time I have I miss him tremendously
and he calls from wherever he happens to be (even if it’s Japan) to see where
I’ve been and if I’m ok. I know nothing about his relationship with his wife –
not even her name. although he talks about the rest of his family. there are
no children. Having been married, I know that he should not be keeping me as a
close friend and if I were his wife I would not want him around me. But, I
have kept it at arms length and even when we are drinking nothing has
happened. He has said on more than one occasion, "if he weren’t married . ."
 I guess what I’m looking for is advice on if I’m doing something wrong here.
 He is always the one to contact me – I never call him – when I need to ask him
something I’ll send him a text or email – he calls me back or for no reason at all.
Ok – I’m done babbling – give it to me!
Ramble-on Rose

< They never learn do they?

When someone takes the big plunge, as in, standing in front of a crowd saying “I do
” and “till death do us part” they should lie in the bed they’ve made. You feel
guilty because you know it’s not cool. Men are the gas and women are the breaks.
Also, the more time you spend with a taken man, the less time you have to meet
and get closer to a single man.
A LOT of married men say "if I weren’t married" and "I will leave her soon" etc..
it’s usually fucking bullshit. They give their best to the mistress and the wife gets
the tired fucking left-overs. I am not prude at all, just have seen WAY too many girlfriends
 get hurt from married men and vice versa.
Why even bother hanging with a taken man? It will only lead to no good and if he did
 leave his wife for you, you could never trust him; he could very well be taking care of
some other single woman, paying her bills and checking in on her etc.
If he is in the nurturing mood, he should have a child. If he doesn’t like his marriage,
he should leave his wife, but not in the cowardly way (for another) he should end it,
 wait a while, then try for you. This is yet another reason why I frown upon marriage.
 It’s old fashioned and it seems the pressure of marriage is what makes people want to stray.
 There are millions of single men, why waste time on a taken one? > < no comment
I am 33 and the girl I dumped 3 months ago is just 19. We were together for a year and 
she loved me madly and I guess I loved her too, but since I still live at home with my parents,
I felt pressure and I let her go. Since then she joined the National Guard. Ever since then,
I have realized that I in fact do miss and love her. These are things I couldn’t sense with
 her the past two years. I’ve told her how I feel, and she’s obviously a bit shocked about it,
but more deservingly, leery to react towards this new found glory. Am I crazy?
Why did it take her leaving so far for me to believe she’s not one of the psychos I’ve had in
 the past? Why have I been afraid to acknowledge this before? What the fuck am I doing?
Cosmic Charlie

“Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”. It could be that
 a tiny part of you felt you didn’t deserve her or to be blissfully happy because you still live
 at home and/or taking the next step with a woman would mean you have to change,
as in, move out, get a better job that permits you having your own place and the fact that
she isn’t readily available makes her seem oh so much hotter suddenly. If you really feel
 this way about her you may have to take a drastic step to convince her, like move out,
get a new place that has room for her. This could win her back but keep in mind 19 is
rather young and young people are fickle, but it’s worth a try. If it doesn’t work, at least you
will still have your own place and room for more of those “psychos” to sleep over.
My boyfriend has funky spunk. I like to blow him, but when cums, I gag from the taste.
His sperm is chunky style and has a fishy odor, I feel like he is serving me Chunky Style
Clam Chowder! He gets offended that I gag and spit it out and we argue about it constantly.
 He would literally have to put his love juice in a blender and add flavoring to have me
swallow it with out yakking. Should we just throw in the towel for such a thing? I love him,
but this is our road block.

A man’s sperm gets chunky if he isn’t cleaning out his pipes often enough.
Ask him to wank on the days you don’t have sex. If he isn’t drinking
enough liquids, naturally his spunk will be chunky.
If you want to dilute his clam chowder once and for all, tell him those tips;
empty the supply often and keep it thin by drinking lots of water. And as far as the fishy
part goes, if he isn’t eating fish on a regular basis (you are what you eat,
literally) then he may have a slight infection, which can cause that fishy
odor. Good luck getting him to go to a Doctor about it, men usually hate that!
If he is a big fish eater, ask him to cut down a bit, see if the taste and
smell changes. If all else fails, tell him he is lucky to get head on a
regular basis or give him a mouth-full of his Clam Chowder next time to taste,
so he isn’t missing out on any of the fun.