Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,
I’m currently seeing this girl, and it’s going very well. She seems to like
me very much and the sex is great. But I’m used to more sexually adventurous
partners, and while I’m not bothered by the fact that she isn’t as
experimental as my usual type, there is one thing I wish she’d change- she
doesn’t swallow.
She dodges my cum whenever I finish anywhere outside of her (we are protected)
and often runs to the sink to spit it out if it’s in her mouth. I know she’s
happy when I do cum (and she cums frequently), but I just wish she would play
with my cum a little, feel it on her skin or taste it or something, anything
(I’ve been told by previous partners that I taste nice). How can I bring this
up without seeming needy or fetishistic?
-Needy Ejaculating Dude.
 < Maybe yours makes her sick
I know many women who don't like to give head let alone swallow
a guys tide. Sometimes it's not the taste that makes a girl run
for the sink, it's the thought of doing it, texture and/or amount of spunk
she gets in her mouth. Are you a chunky style man? This will make most
girls gag. If not, it could be she was brought up thinking it's disgusting to
swallow or just plain find it unhygienic.
As with all things, communication is important, you
have to hint around to her like "it would turn me on if you let me cum
onto your tits" or "rub my juice all over your face ok sweetie?" Tell her it’s
good for her skin, which is true BUT make sure you don’t get any of your spunk
in her eyes! It stings like hell, makes the eye swell up and it will stay
blood red for hours. If after you ask her to do it and she still resists, you
may have to soothe yourself with the fact that you are at least getting oral
sex on a regular basis. Not
everyone can say that.

My wife and I have had a few threesomes, every time it’s been m/m/f (two men,
one woman).  Now, the thing is she seemed to enjoy every one of them and the
amazing thing is that she initiated each one out of the blue to my surprise
and appreciation as I had a blast!!  Anyway, she said she isn’t going to do it
anymore.  She seems to have decided that since the majority does not do it,
that it’s got to be the wrong thing to be doing! GEESH!!I know I can't make
her be or do anything, but is there anything I can do to maybe subtly get her
to on the fun side of it again?  She took me to the water, I drank and now I’m
thirsty for more!!!  She knows I would love to!!  And it was so hot to see her
fuck another man like that!!
Eager for more

She opened Pandora's Box and has to deal with the consequences of a hungry man.
You can either ask her nicely, but respect her wishes or if you must, leave
her but I
will warn you, this swapping thing doesn't last forever, eventually someone
up getting hurt. It's just not reality. You can use your imagination and use
the images you have gathered from your romps for your wank bank. You could ask
her to try a f/f/m threesome for a change. Maybe she is just tired of seeing
you naked in the same bed as another man; all those balls could be a turn off.

It seems I am one of a dying breed, but I do indeed swallow my BF’s cum. Thing
is, he usually puts the moves on me after I have showered and brushed my teeth
and I am all clean, lying next to him in bed. We have sex and I usually end it
by swallowing his sperm. My question is should I be jumping up again to
re-brush my teeth? Is sperm bad for my teeth and gums or can I just go to
sleep after and not worry?
Squeaky Clean Cathy


Semen is made up of fructose, ascorbic acid, cholesterol, creatine, citric acid, lactic acid, nitrogen, vitamin B12, and various salts and enzymes, water, sugar, protein, vitamin C, zinc, and prostaglandins. The tiny amount of sugar and citric acid in his spunk are the only things that could harm your teeth, but you would have to drink pints of it on a daily basis without brushing your teeth for it to cause any damage. Blowing a guy without a condom is dangerous thanks to STD’s, but if you are monogamous and have both been tested, then you’re in the clear. Keep pieces of sugarless gum next to the bed to chew really fast right before you sleep to “brush off” any of this left over residue.

 < Saves a trip to the bathroom