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I live next door to my Ex-Husband with my new husband. My Ex-Husband left me for my sister, so she lives next door with him. As you can imagine the tension is high. Things started happening when my Ex-husband threw a plastic bottle at my car as I left my drive one day after an argument with him. My Ex gets in contact with me regularly regarding our kids, and to complain about my new husband (that he is too loud as he is reshaping our yard with loud tools). There was been so many fights that it has almost ended in violence on several occasions. I am stuck in the middle of all this testosterone. I love my new husband dearly and don't want him to get into trouble, but my ex-husband threw the first stone. My new husband wants to go round with the baseball bat and kill him. What should I do to control this situation
Greetings from Suburbia HELL


WTF? Just move!


I just met this handsome guy in his 50's.  I want a serious relationship with
him but he mostly fantasizes about us being with another women and me making
love to her while he watches.  Although we have not been intimate yet, is this
possibly a relationship that could get serious without a third party.  Does it
mean that he will not be faithful or is this just a fantasy to help him get
turned on?

Sexy Sadie



If you just met him, haven't even fucked yet and he is already trying to drag other bodies into your bed, it's not a good sign.

Everyone has sexual fantasy's but they usually wait to verbalize them, after things start to get too familiar and stale.

It doesn't mean he will cheat, it just means he is very direct, impatient and doesn't give a shit if you like the idea or not.

"Serious relationship"? He doesn't sound serious to me at all and  "Handsome" is never enough, he has to be kind and care
about your feelings. If this is his way of courting, tell him to fuck off.


I'm in a bit of a situation that's turning' me more gray headed then usual. I can't seem to decide on the best route to take here. I moved back to my home 6 years ago to help take care of my mother, she's 76, gave birth to me at age 40. My biological father was a married man already with family. She raised me by herself on welfare for 14 yrs until she remarried. I was adopted then but never got very close to her husband (who later left her for a younger woman). I returned back to this Podunk hell hole I now live in and my life previously was much different, meaning, I had a good day job, nice apt. and car, lived alone and played in bands on weekends. Now, after 6 years of living with my mother, because none of my family will give the time of day to check on her, I can't afford to put her in a home nor do I really want to. But my personal life has taken a serious blow these last years. I can't have women sleep over under the same roof as mom. My love life has been a complete failure with the girls I've met around here, they  just don't understand my situation.  My guts tell me to spread wings and fly the coop but my heart says it would be mean. I need freakin' advice in a bad way. Some direction, motivation?

Super Son

A must have ^

Any woman that falls for you, will love you even more for caring about your Mom.  It's a VERY good sign when a man cares for his mom, in fact, if a girl wants to know how a man will treat her in the long run, she simply has to see how he treats/talks about his mother. Keep that in mind and you will see your situation as a plus, not a minus. You can't leave your Mom hanging, without her, your ass wouldn't be here. You are doing the right thing and should feel great about it, that will make you shine and hence, attract a lovely lady. You need to sort out the sleeping over situation, everyone has to compromise, your Mom should understand that, in fact, she doesn't have a choice, so help your Mom, but make your own rules about your love life or you simply won't have one. The girls probably understand that you take care of your Mom, but get turned off by the fact you don't have the balls to insist upon sexy sleep overs. Mom is probably too deaf and blind by now to notice any romps you would have at home anyways.

  < Mom won't mind



Please answer me as soon as possible. It's really urgent because I met a man on-line

 and we have been flirting for months. I have a really cute face, but I am kinda over

weight. I am good at hiding that fact with the way I pose in pictures.

Now he has booked a flight to come see me and when he sees my body, he

may freak out. I obviously can't lose 50 pounds in 3 weeks, so what can I do?

Should I tell him now that I am a wide load?

Big Legged Emma


False advertising and on-line dating go hand in hand. People tend to exaggerate and bullshit on-line, so you never know,

he may be shorter than he says or have a limp dick/bad breath. Don't worry so much, just make sure you are fun and if

it does come down to sex, make sure you blow him like you have diabetes and his dick has all the insulin in it that you need,

as in, give it to him good. He won't even notice the extra padding.