Massage in Nashville, Tennessee

Meet Kathy, the latest member of my massage team. She is super strong and has  a soothing touch. I am so grateful to have her on my team and hope if you are heading that way and plan on having a massage, you will let me know so I can set up an appointment for you.
I am thrilled to have such a great team and love how it keeps growing with such talented therapist. We’ve got your back.
x Dr. Dot


My name’s Kathy, and I grew up near Nashville. I’ve been a nationally certified Licensed Massage Therapist since 2002 and have worked in California, Kentucky, and Tennessee. I have taken several continuing education classes including Pain Relief Therapy and Spinal Reflex Analysis and am always interested in learning new techniques. Currently, I am the editor of the American Massage Therapy Association’s newsletter for Tennessee. I read about  Dr. Dot on the Internet and was invited to audition to be on her team. I passed her test with flying colors and now I’m very honored to be a part of her team.