Ask Dr. Dot June 2010 ( Sex, Love and Relationship advice)

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I think I am experiencing the 7-year itch 4 years too soon. I feel like this happens to me in every long-term
relationship I’ve been in! At about 2 yrs into I’m just not that attracted to the guy as much, but the love is still very much there. I couldn’t imagine my life without him, but my sex drive is almost nonexistent these days!
I just don't understand. He is the most attractive man to me that I have been with; I love his body and our sex is amazing! In fact, I never had an orgasm until we had sex when I was 20! So, I knew he was the one for me.
But, now I’m just not interested. I never take it like I use to. Am I depressed? I just don't get it. Does this mean the relationship has run its course? I know I haven’t been happy at my day job and I have been thinking about just quitting to purse my modeling career.
It's just risky making a career move, you know? I have a lot on my plate so I have been hoping my lack of sex drive is because I am a workaholic. But, that’s not good either… sooo confused!!!
Fickle Francine




You are only 22. THAT is why you feel that itch. You are too young to settle down and you are at the perfect age to experiment with career moves. Take a chance, we only live one time. This is not a dress rehearsal. The older you get the harder it is to make changes and take chances. In my opinion it is extremely difficult to keep the passion alive after a few years, you really have to work at it that's why I think sleeping in separate bedrooms or living near each other instead of with each other are good ideas to keep the flame alive. Perhaps you could try pulling away for a while, taking a break to concentrate on your career and see what happens.
If it is true love and meant to be, a break won't matter. A LOT of young girls fall for the first guy that makes them orgasm. They think, "Oh my GOD, this is the ONE! He made me feel like I've never felt before" but if you can make yourself cum; you can get that same physical feeling you get with most partners. Sex is naturally better when you are madly in love with the person but he doesn’t turn you on anymore, you may need to take a breather.
If you are on the birth control pill, an infamous passion killer, look into other forms of birth control like the
nova-ring or condoms.


What does it mean when a girls clit turns blue and then purple? My girlfriend's clit turned blue and then purple. Freaking out here. Does she have a disease? Did I break it?

Bewildered Bob


When a cock or a clit gets engorged it can turn blue or slightly purple thanks to the blood rush to that area. If it STAYS blue/purple the next day, it means it is bruised. Clit must have had way too much fun the day/night before. Ice it and give it a rest. However, if it STAYS blue/purple it could be caused by an irritation of the vulva, known as Lichen Simplex or a plain ol' yeast infection, if so have her bring it in to her Doctor for a tune up ASAP.


I have been banging this 23-year-old girl who has the longest
and biggest pussy lips I have ever seen and I am 29.I mean it looks 
like she is giving birth to Mick Jagger, lips first.  

She isn't shy about getting naked and fucking but says she doesn't
like men going down on her. I assume it's because of her enormous trim.
Do lips like those mean she is a whore?
It looks like she's been pounded thousands of times, lots of mileage you know?
I am baffled but petrified to mention it to her.

Curious George


Consider it a good thing that vagina's are all slightly different in appearance, smell, taste, etc. Just because her meat curtains happen to be longer than your last girl doesn't mean she is whoring it around. Just because a man has a huge cock doesn't mean HE is whoring it around (although they usually are because of the long line of people wanting a ride.
Labia size is usually hereditary, but is sometimes increased by taking the pill (or any hormones), aging, giving birth or from a ridiculous amount of sex, but having said that, there are many porn stars with tiny flaps, so you can't generalize vajay-jays apart from saying any pussy is better than no pussy, so don't look a gift pussy in the mouth, just be grateful you're getting some.


My girlfriend says I'm too big for anal, although she's willing to try. Any tips for making it better for her?
Wonder Willy



She needs to lie on her back and prepare to do it missionary style. Let her guide your cock with her hand, don't shove it rite in or she will veto the process rite away. Use LOADS of lube and be patient. It will hurt, no doubt about it, but if you start in this position it will hurt a tad less. Better her than me. OUCH!



Do you think a couple can get back together after a divorce?
It has been 2 years since we divorced and I want her back again. I love her madly. I am not sure if she has moved on or not.
The way I feel right now it would be a miracle if we got
back the way we were. I really do love the girl but the one thing I think may kill that chance is since last May when we separated, I've been with other people since and I don't think she will take that well. I have to tell her the truth though, I can't lie about it. Do you think a girl would care about that or am I being paranoid for no reason?

Hopeful Hans



Some say it's best not to reheat old soup, but it may work out if you don't marry her again. Try to start fresh, date her and don't ask her what she's been up to + avoid answering her when/if she asks. Just ask her to start fresh and leave the past behind. All that matters is that you still love her. Tell her "I've dated a bit, but could not get over you" and leave it at that. Don't offer any extra information as it may just hurt her and scare her off.



I am back in the dating game after a nasty marriage/divorce. I feel like a virgin which seems to feel good and bad at the same time. Bars
don't interest me, but pussy sure does, so I am out and about rather often lately. One thing I am dreading, is the question "how many
lovers have you had?" from the ladies (I am a fit 42 year old). You see, my wife was my first ever in bed. I was hers. I did slip up and
nosh a few women during our marriage, but still. I do NOT look good on paper as far as sexual experience goes. Should I lie and make
up a number? Or come clean and tell the ladies I am pretty much boring in bed thanks to lack of experience.

Innocent Ike





One should NEVER answer this annoying (how many partners have you had?) question. You just can't win, so just say 
"not many, as I am very picky" . If they keep nagging you about it, remind them that the past is over and you prefer to 
focus on the present, which is all one really has.



Recently my girlfriends mom found out that our “friendship” has turned into “dating” and now her mom hates me and thinks I converted her daughter into being gay because in the past she's always dated men when actually her daughter had a crush on me and chased me.
Do you think her mom will snap out of it and accept our relationship or dislike me forever? We planned on spending the holidays together (Christmas & New Years) but my g/f thinks it's not a good idea because of her mom, but i think we should go ahead with the plans or else her mom will feel like she has the power to control our relationship and stop us from being together. Help.

Delicious Dike





First of all, the Holidays are extremely over rated and BORING, so if I were you, I would just be sweet as pie and tell your girlfriend "go ahead darling, do what you want to do, I will be fine and entertain myself. I just want you to be happy and have fun" which (1) makes you look like the easy going,
independent, understanding partner (2) gives you free time to do whatever you want during the mundane shopping spree called Christmas. You will save so much money not having to buy her ignorant family gifts and she will SURELY get bored out of her fucking mind and miss you so badly because of
your mellow attitude that she will probably sneak away from the judgmental witch to munch your carpet as often as she can. Do NOT waste any energy trying to please or piss off her family, just keep busy and remain patient and sweet to your girl and she will realize it's more fun to hang with you than a
controlling Mom. The more her Mom bitches, the better you will look to her.  You must be dam fun to divert her attention away from her usual diet of cock, so keep that in mind, chin up and keep smiling.


Ask Dr. Dot July 2009

Feel free to email me your questions. I will change your name to protect your identity and your little secret will stay with me:

I was wondering if you have a solution for me. I am a
37 year old man, not well hung but know how to use what
I have well and I am very good with my hands and mouth
BUT it bothers me and the women I sleep with that I just
can't seem to get or stay hard. When I beat off, it is fine,
I get hard and I cum, it's all-good. But when it comes time
 to perform for my girls, my member seems to want to nap.
 I don't even stay hard enough to wear a condom and this
scares away most of my prey. Please help me; I am good
looking, eager and very passionate.

Mr. Boooi oinnnng



It sounds like you may have Erectile Dysfunction. You may
 not like going to a Doctor but you have to see a trained
physician, specifically, an urologist, in order to suss out
what is going down with your cock. You can always try over
 the counter sexual enhancements for men, or if the
Doctor approves it, Viagra. Viagra may make you feel sick
to your stomach and give you headaches but if the Doc gives
you the green light, it may help you in times of need. Not being
able to wear a condom is bad news; please go get your pecker
 checked out. If you are too stubborn to visit a Doctor, they you
will just have to rely on vibrators and your tongue to please your girls.






I have recently found a gay boyfriend who I have just started to have
 penetrative sex with.
 I have found that as he penetrates me I loose my erection, and no
amount of masturbation will bring it back while he is inside me.
As he doesn't like being penetrated I can’t find out if it is the same for
him, and I don't want to insist incase I loose him. Is this normal or is
there some thing wrong?
 Neither of us knows, as we are both pretty new to this.

Boy Toy Bart


Blood rushes to any area of the body that is being stimulated that is
why the penis gets hard when it is being stimulated.
If your ass is being stimulated, the blood goes there, leaving your
cock less blood and making it soft. One may wonder why this isn't
 so in porn. They are taking massive amounts of Viagra in porn to
keep everything hard and full of blood. Everything always seem better
 in the movies, innit?


My wife could care less if we fuck or not.  She has encouraged me to fuck
 other girls but insists that I tell her before or ASAP after it happens.
 I’ve encouraged her to go out and do the same but made her promise she
 WOULDN'T tell me about it. (I doubt she would shag around)

The other day I told her we needed to pick up some condoms before I went
 out with my friends.  She hit the fucking roof, "So you’re telling me you’re
going out to fuck another woman?!" After some awkward conversation and joking,
we laughed and just left it at that.

Later, whilst shopping, we walked by the “family planning” section and she motioned
 to the condoms but I just ignored it and we kept walking. Seems like I am in
 checkmate. Help.

Bobby Brown





When you say, "encouraged" I wonder exactly in what way. Many people say,
 "feel free to fuck around, just give my genitals a break" but they usually don't
mean it. You were just trying to be honest when you mentioned that you needed
to get some condoms but that is being a bit too honest. Do your thing but keep
it out of her sight at all times; as she doesn't want to know for the same reason
you don't want to know. It's just too much information. What one doesn't know
 won't annoy the fuck out of them. If you slip up someday and she catches wind
of any infidelity, you can naturally fall back on the "well, you DID mention I should
fuck around" but try your best to keep it out of sight and mind to protect her
feelings and your balls from being cut off with a kitchen knife.




Wow this is embarrassing but here goes. I'm a 38-year-old English bloke here in
Berlin and have been single for five years now. Am well and truly over my last
 relationship – we lived together for three years and she broke my heart – but
now the past is a completely different country; I don't live there anymore.
I have no baggage.

The past few years I've only had the odd one night stand here and there, but to
be perfectly honest I'm not that kind of guy. I've never really enjoyed that sort
of thing anyway and besides I always feel closer, more intimate with someone
that I truly care for. And hopefully vice-versa.

But here's the deal. Right now I just can't seem to get a date for love nor money.
And it's starting to drive me nuts! Is it just the Dead Girls of Berlin Syndrome?

"Maybe it's the water, mama
 Maybe it's the tea
 Maybe it's the way they was raised
 Maybe it's the stuff what they read in the papers
 Keeps them lookin' sorta half in a daze
 Well the dead girls of Berlin
 Why do they act that way?"

I've always found that when I'm not in Germany it's much easier to meet women.
Am I just being too shy? Need more confidence? Could it be the language barrier?

It's not the sort of thing I can discuss with the "guys". So I thought, what the hell
and just ask the Doc. I just want to meet someone, have a happy fulfilling and
best-case scenario, loving relationship.

British Bob





 The bigger the city the more aggressive you have to pursue women simply
 because city folks learn to tune things out in order to keep their sanity. You
have to stand out and take chances. If you chat up 50 women, surely you will
 get at least 5 great dates. So take risks, we only live once, a "nein, danke" or
 "fuck off" won't kill you. Join a yoga class, it will keep you fit and you will be
surrounded by flexible women. You will be out numbered, ditto with a cooking
class or dance class. As far as language being a problem, it should work for you,
 not against you as you are a foreigner, aka "exotic" and any German you learn
will surely be spoken with a cute accent, which should drive the girls mad. No
time to waste, summer is here and the egg surely doesn't go chase the sperm
 not does it?


My guy and I have been together 7 years and I have never let him cum in my mouth
 let alone swallow the stuff. It really makes me wanna gag. To be honest I don't even
 know what his tastes like but before he even thinks about cumming in my mouth I
start making some really funny faces which he says is a huge turn off. I let him cum
in my mouth once, but I just wanted to barf all over him and I opened the car door and
 spit it all out before I could even taste it. I think this phobia might stem from the first
 time a guy came in my mouth. It was a complete surprise and it was the funkiest tasting
 spunk. I like to describe it as seawater but chunkier. I know it would turn my boyfriend
on so much if I would just let him. Do you have any advice on how I can get over this
 little sperm phobia of mine? If I can just get to the point of letting him finish off in my
mouth without making scary faces at him or gag sounds, that would be great. I do want
 to satisfy him but at the same time I was wondering how common is it for a guy to cum
in a girls mouth? Is this something that all girls do for their boyfriends? I think he has
just been watching one too many pornos.


 Swallowing a man's tide shows that you accept him, every drop of him. His sperm is his
 personal liquid gold, their most valuable juice and if you won't swallow it, it's kind of like
 saying "you aren't good enough to swallow" and hence, they get pissed off/disappointed.
If his spunk smells or taste funny to you, it is nature's way of telling you "don't breed with
this fucker" If you are in love, you should want to swallow his spunk (unless it's super
chunk-clam-chowder style, then anyone would understand the resistance. But if you just
can't seem to bring yourself to do so, then tell the guy up front "I will suck you ' till the cows
come home, but I don't swallow. If you have a problem with that, then we will just skip the
whole blow job part of our relationship". This should solve that problem immediately, as most
 men would choose a non-swallow blow-job over no blow-job at all.

BUT if you really want to give it a try, suck his cock, as you do, best to keep tip in your mouth and
firmly rub his cock up and down in rhythm with your mouth and use other hand to cup his
balls gently. When you sense he is ready to shoot his load, try to aim it towards the side of
your mouth then quickly store it in your cheeks like a hamster does all those seeds.

Then, without missing a beat, swallow it bit by bit so you don't choke on it (this is if he is
really paying attention to see if you really swallow it or not), otherwise, if he is all wrapped
up in his orgasm with eyes rolled back in head, in heaven, you can quickly, swiftly and
quietly pour the spunk into your hand then wipe it on the sheets, rug, dog, his pants, what
ever is around. He will never know.


My new film is rated “GAY”

"He's so very very gay, he's so gay..his day isn't complete without some meat in his seat, he's so gay" Frank Zappa

My video of the 2007 Berliner "Christopher Street Day Parade"  ^ 

 Welcome to the Berliner Freak show

You gotta admit the lady's got BALLS dressing like that. Berlin is so colorful.  



Juliette Lewis and the Licks are on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know, it has taken me 6 days to complete this blog, but I am dam busy- hard to believe I know. No matter, the sweet taste/smell/sound of Juliette and her Licks are still fresh in my mind. Honestly, I had only heard that she has a band a year ago in NYC, my Jewish friend, Seth Abrams, who is very good friends with the band H20 told me about Juliette and the Licks, that they were playing in NYC and he wanted to bring me but at the last minute, it fell through, blah blah, apparently it was sold out as fuck and I couldn't be bothered to try to work/con/beg my way in, so I missed the show. Seth said it was amazing and I now know that was an understatement. I formed my band just this past April and was told by a few that I remind them of Juliette and I hadn't seen any of her videos or even heard any of her songs. Now that I have seen/heard her, I though "fuck it, why even bother! I will just throw in the towel right now, no point in even trying". This woman RULES Rock and Roll (and even Punk). She does stuff on stage I wouldn't dare do, things I couldn't do, things David Lee Roth did in his prime, things Iggy Pop tried to do. "She will rock you" (see the Rolling Stone  magazine cover she graced).


When I showed Juliette this picture I printed out for her to sign ^ I said "I hope your band isn't upset that I just have a picture of you instead of the whole band" she smiled and said "oh please, they are SO used to 'the Juliette show' ". She is sooooo funny, I was laughing my ass off the whole night..

I massaged some of the band before Juliette even arrived. They were on a tiny Promo tour and were already all knotted up, tired and stressed out. They are NOT getting special treatment, they are paying their dues like all bands do. Living on 3 hours of sleep a day, riding  in buses instead of sleeping in hotels and yes, barely getting paid.

I know Juliette from her films, From Dusk til Dawn, Hysterical Blindness (my favorite), What's eating Gilbert Grape, California, Natural Born Killers and Cape Fear, etc etc…she has done about 50 films in 8 years, I think she is a work-o-holic. It seems she has just put the movie star career on the back burner to focus 100% on the Rock star career. It was a big risk and for the life of me, I can't think of another actor/actress that has done it successfully, but she is on her way to being the next  female icon. I won't dare compare her to Janis Joplin, as Juliette is of course hotter, very modern, very very flexible and she stage dives, head first, then crowd surfs without fear, something Janis nor any other female rock/pop star has done, to my knowledge. She flirts with the audience sometimes in between songs and everyone, even females, melt.

She couldn't have chosen a better band to back her,  they are tight and in person, are super cool, no attitudes, no ego's just great musicians  (oh, they are all hot too, but that's besides the point completely).


Set list ^

This is Todd, formerly of H20 (just google it ok?). Seth lives or lived in the same building as Todd ^  in NYC. Todd is calm, cool, collected and extreme eye candy. The band has her back, the click so well together.

Kemble, is also extreme eye candy ^ , is very polite and friendly and WAILS on guitar!

The drummer is fairly new, not sure why they changed drummers, but this one learned all of their songs in 3 weeks. His name is Ed ^ and he is from Austin, Texas. I totally kicked his ass; wonder if he could move properly the next day.. but he needed it. Drummers always need deep tissue massage, more than anyone else in the band…

 < Kemble in action

I did get a new camera – a bigger and better Sony cyber shot with 7.2 mega pixels, but still, it's not the best camera for onstage shots.

The band came out in full force and never let up. They had the crowd going mad, they were slam dancing so wildly that even I was getting crushed and tossed around and I was waaaay up front on the side near the amplifier (my ears are still ringing). She brings out the crazy fucking Indian in you, she makes you want to play, get sweaty and just ROCK.

It must have been hard when she first started out with her band, I can imaging the critics bashing her before she even started "oh great, another star wanting to change careers". But I am sure they have eaten their words now, as if you hear her sing, you can't imagine why she ever chose a career doing anything else. Even if being a Rock star for a while was a role she wanted to try out, she has become THAT rock star, she IS the REAL DEAL.

I imagined since she is such a well know movie star that she would have a big hair and make up crew on tour with her, body guards and personal assistants to grant her every wish. I was dead wrong. She has NONE of those. Paul, the tour manager, takes good care of her. He, by the way, multi tasks, he does tour/production and personally catches her when she is done body surfing. Juliette is lucky to be surrounded by so many great people who all care about her and want to help make this Rock and Roll journey work like a charm.



^ If you watch closely, you will see Paul (big blonde man) helping Juliette after her crowd surfing

Juliette spoke to me while we all had dinner in the catering room as if she knew me for years. She makes you feel welcome and comfortable. Actually, she is pretty much exactly how I imagined she would be, similar to the role she played in "What's eating Gilbert Grape". Laid back, FUN, cute as hell and sexy without even trying.

Everyone is drawn to her and her irresistible charisma. She is NO DIVA, she is the opposite, a pure rock chick , running around without any make up, worn out jeans and an old YES concert t-shirt on, before and after the show. She wanted her scalp and feet done before the show and when I was doing her feet, she said when her band makes it big, and she can afford me, she wants to bring me on the road to massage her every day. For me, that is the biggest compliment *sigh*.. I am still purring. I did warn her that she would want to marry me when she tried my foot massage. She was really loving it (note to men: I TOLD you, ALL women want is their fucking FEET DONE properly, so get busy).

After the show I massaged her again… she was really ill that night, a cold and living off of 3 hours of sleep over the last few days.

She still looks amazing in my opinion, not that she cares, she is SO not into the whole hair and make up thingy. She carries her own bags and didn't make any demands at all.

The band did a rather long meet and greet after the show even though they were dead tired. She posed with people for pictures and signed loads of autographs like a champ.

Watching her and seeing how much work this REALLY involves ( I have seen it for years, but watching her do it from scratch was different). I really saw first had what it takes to keep a band going, it's SO MUCH WORK, it actually turned me off wanting to take my band to the next level. Touring is HELL and it takes so much out of you. I felt sorry for the whole band and wish I could have gave them SLEEP as a present on top of the brutal massages. I over heard her mention that she just turned down a HBO series, which would have been amazing for her career, to keep working with her band. She said "I'm gonna ride this thing until the fucking wheels fall off!!!". Now THAT is Rock and Roll.

Their two month tour started yesterday (see the dates below) and if they are heading to a town near you, please go check them out, you won't believe your eyes and ears.

These pictures are from their myspace page  ^   you can hear my favorite song of theirs American Boy on there…check it!

Sep 26 2006 8:00
 Concorde 2 Brighton
Sep 27 2006 8:00
 Astoria London
Sep 28 2006 8:00
 MDH Manchester
Sep 29 2006 8:00
 Leadmill Sheffield
Okt 2 2006 8:00
 Rescue Rooms Nottingham
Okt 3 2006 8:00
 The Village Dublin
Okt 4 2006 8:00
 ABC Glasgow
Okt 5 2006 8:00
 Metropolitan University Leeds
Okt 8 2006 8:00
 Backstage Werk Munich
Okt 10 2006 8:00
 New Estragon Bologna
Okt 11 2006 8:00
 Rolling Stone Milano
Okt 12 2006 8:00
 Usine Geneva
Okt 13 2006 8:00
 Cooperative de Mai Clermont-Ferrand
Okt 14 2006 8:00
 Vents Des Suds Toulouse
Okt 16 2006 8:00
 Sala Apolo Barcelona
Okt 17 2006 8:00
 Sala Arena Madrid
Okt 18 2006 8:00
 Kafe Antzokia  Bilbao
Okt 20 2006 8:00
 Trabendo Paris
Okt 21 2006 8:00
 Den Atelier Luxembourg City
Okt 22 2006 8:00
 Uebel & Gefaehrlich Hamburg
Okt 23 2006 8:00
 Pumpehuset Copenhagen
Okt 25 2006 8:00
 Folken Stavenger
Okt 26 2006 8:00
 John Dee Oslo
Okt 28 2006 8:00
 Trädgårn Gothenburg
Okt 29 2006 8:00
 KB Malmo
Okt 30 2006 8:00
 Debaser Medis Stockholm
Okt 31 2006 8:00
 Platensbar Linkoping
Nov 4 2006 8:00
 Palladium Warsaw
Nov 5 2006 8:00
 Roxy Prague
Nov 7 2006 8:00
 Coccon Club Frankfurt
Nov 8 2006 8:00
 Gloria Koln
Nov 9 2006 8:00
 Starclub Dresden
Nov 10 2006 8:00
 Riff Bochum
Nov 11 2006 8:00
 Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg
Nov 13 2006 8:00
 Paradiso Amsterdam
Nov 14 2006 8:00
 Solus Bar Cardiff
Nov 15 2006 8:00
 Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth
Nov 16 2006 8:00
 University Newcastle

My friend (right) Fabi and his girlfiend (left) are soooooo smitten with Juliette. They begged me to introduced them. Fabi helped produce

a song for my band and he is super cool, so I did. This picture cracks me up, it looks like Fabi is punching his girl in the face. lol.

I took this shot of the band just minutes after they got off stage.. Juliette is so low maintenance, so naturally beautiful.

^ Jason, the bass player is the only one I didn't get a solo picture of, he was really busy with his new lap top, and I came to this conclusion about Rock stars, Lap tops are

the main reason modern day rock/pop stars stay out of trouble now a days. They now have something constructive to do before and after the show, surf online, mainly on Whereas years ago, before the internet / Lap tops were so popular and easy to get, the artist would be bored out of their minds on tour, as they are only on stage for 2 hours, what the FUCK else do you expect them to do the other 22 hours? No wonder Jimi, Janis, Keith, Jim and co. all partied too hard, it's fucking boring waiting around for show time. So in some perverted way, the internet has saved Rock and Roll. Amen.

Ask Dr. Dot

My girl and I are very much in love, so there's no problem in that respect.
The thing is, we've had better sex before, in that she used to cum once or maybe
twice 'per intercourse' 🙂 but now I can't seem to satisfy her so much
It seems that I cum too fast, it's like I've trained my body to enjoy too much
too fast, or she's just too good. How do I get to please my woman again?
Thanx! Quick Shooter Shane

You should "train" yourself to eat her pussy until she cums before you
even get in there, where you "accidentally" cum to fast. Make it your
goal to hear her scream and moan with pleasure, then celebrate your
victory by giving her a good dose of your liquid love.

I have a problem I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years now and in
those two years of having sex with him I have not came ONCE! I don't know what
the problem is. When we have sex i cant feel anything its like it is 'numb'..
please tell me what my problem..
Numb Nelly

You could get a MAN DOLL and practice on him ^

(click on link to get one ^)

Sounds like you are with the wrong boyfriend if 2 years have gone by, no
orgasm and you "can't feel anything".
Ask yourself these questions: Have I climaxed with other men in the
past? and Can I make myself cum?
If the answer to both of these questions are yes, the problem could be
he isn't doing you correctly, you need to speak up and show him
EXACTLY how to make you cum. If the answer to the questions is NO,
then you need to spend more quality time alone, working on how to
trip your own trigger, then once you learn that, integrate it into
your sex life, making sure you show him everything.
This "numb" feeling and the fact you can't feel anything could
mean he is too boring and/or small for your snatch for you to be shagging him.
"I've gotta spot that get's me hot, and you ain't been to it"

Prior to me, my ex-girlfriend dated guys with bigger penises than mine. She
always told me it was tiny to just tease me and when I broke up with her she
told everyone I had a small one, and my friends never stopped picking on me
for 3 years. I know I’m a little over 5 inches and that should be around average
but being told you have a small penis for 3 years will subconsciously make me fear
it is, even if I know it isnt. But now, I have a new girlfriend, I really love
her and she loves me, and I cant describe how compatible we are on a sexual
and sensual level and when were kissing, but I just found out that her ex and
first boyfriend had a 9 inch penis (despite knowing you should never ask about
We haven’t had sex yet, but were both nearing the point where we want to. Will
my 5-inch dick satisfy my girlfriend, even if the guy before me had a long
willy? Does the vagina get bigger after a big one? She also told me her and
her ex never finished actual intercourse, despite trying many times, because it
was painful for her. I understand that this may just be my ego talking, because it
just might be big-mouthed ex-girlfriend all over again, but even though, I
really want to give my woman the best mind-blowing sex ever. I bet I can give
her a rocking time with foreplay or going down on her, because kissing for the
two of us is amazing and only fuels our passion even more… but I just want to
know if I can still pleasure her in actual intercourse. And I can’t go down on
her because she thinks its disgusting. So all I can do is foreplay, play with
her down there, and intercourse.

Telling a new boyfriend about her ex's big cock is just as mean as you telling
your new girlfriends that your ex was a rich model, it's just plain evil.
You should stop them in their tracks when they do this and tell them
"uh that's too much information darling", OR "that's so funny you say that
as my last girlfriends pussy was MUCH tighter than yours".
You have to convince her to let you lick her pussy. This will be your
golden ticket to winning her over for good. Massage her feet for over 20
while she sips some gorgeous red wine. Lick and massage her calves, thighs,
she may not notice when you start to lick her clit, nice and slow, like cow with a
big tongue. You simply have to convince her to let you try.
Don't worry about your cock size, as long as it stays hard and you make her
cum, that's all you need.
You should be happy you got rid of that mean HOLE who made fun of your penis

  < Mean hole


I've been seeing this girl for a while now, we met, started kissing…..later
on sex…you know the score, took our time etc etc. Now when she first started
blowing me she did not swallow. I did'nt mind cause cum dont taste that good
to me.
Now we have been together for 3 months she has started to hold my balls look
me in the eyes and swallow. It makes me feel great. I feel in love with her within
weeks. I was not sure how she felt about me, i guess i am trying to ask is
does the fact that she has started to swallow (and give other extras in bed) point
to the fact she is really falling for me. A friend ( a girl) told me most girls
only swallow for guys they REALLY like.???
Spunky Steve

Woah "Cum don't taste that good to me". Bravo for admitting you taste your own
spunk, takes a real man to do that. Well, I'm guessing it's your own spunk you
are talking about (?).
Anyways, YES!, it means she digs you now, she accepts you and every drop of
you. Now don't fuck it up by asking her "Do you love me?". Just enjoy!

< If she swallows, it means she likes you

Ask Dr. Dot



I live next door to my Ex-Husband with my new husband. My Ex-Husband left me for my sister, so she lives next door with him. As you can imagine the tension is high. Things started happening when my Ex-husband threw a plastic bottle at my car as I left my drive one day after an argument with him. My Ex gets in contact with me regularly regarding our kids, and to complain about my new husband (that he is too loud as he is reshaping our yard with loud tools). There was been so many fights that it has almost ended in violence on several occasions. I am stuck in the middle of all this testosterone. I love my new husband dearly and don't want him to get into trouble, but my ex-husband threw the first stone. My new husband wants to go round with the baseball bat and kill him. What should I do to control this situation
Greetings from Suburbia HELL


WTF? Just move!


I just met this handsome guy in his 50's.  I want a serious relationship with
him but he mostly fantasizes about us being with another women and me making
love to her while he watches.  Although we have not been intimate yet, is this
possibly a relationship that could get serious without a third party.  Does it
mean that he will not be faithful or is this just a fantasy to help him get
turned on?

Sexy Sadie



If you just met him, haven't even fucked yet and he is already trying to drag other bodies into your bed, it's not a good sign.

Everyone has sexual fantasy's but they usually wait to verbalize them, after things start to get too familiar and stale.

It doesn't mean he will cheat, it just means he is very direct, impatient and doesn't give a shit if you like the idea or not.

"Serious relationship"? He doesn't sound serious to me at all and  "Handsome" is never enough, he has to be kind and care
about your feelings. If this is his way of courting, tell him to fuck off.


I'm in a bit of a situation that's turning' me more gray headed then usual. I can't seem to decide on the best route to take here. I moved back to my home 6 years ago to help take care of my mother, she's 76, gave birth to me at age 40. My biological father was a married man already with family. She raised me by herself on welfare for 14 yrs until she remarried. I was adopted then but never got very close to her husband (who later left her for a younger woman). I returned back to this Podunk hell hole I now live in and my life previously was much different, meaning, I had a good day job, nice apt. and car, lived alone and played in bands on weekends. Now, after 6 years of living with my mother, because none of my family will give the time of day to check on her, I can't afford to put her in a home nor do I really want to. But my personal life has taken a serious blow these last years. I can't have women sleep over under the same roof as mom. My love life has been a complete failure with the girls I've met around here, they  just don't understand my situation.  My guts tell me to spread wings and fly the coop but my heart says it would be mean. I need freakin' advice in a bad way. Some direction, motivation?

Super Son

A must have ^

Any woman that falls for you, will love you even more for caring about your Mom.  It's a VERY good sign when a man cares for his mom, in fact, if a girl wants to know how a man will treat her in the long run, she simply has to see how he treats/talks about his mother. Keep that in mind and you will see your situation as a plus, not a minus. You can't leave your Mom hanging, without her, your ass wouldn't be here. You are doing the right thing and should feel great about it, that will make you shine and hence, attract a lovely lady. You need to sort out the sleeping over situation, everyone has to compromise, your Mom should understand that, in fact, she doesn't have a choice, so help your Mom, but make your own rules about your love life or you simply won't have one. The girls probably understand that you take care of your Mom, but get turned off by the fact you don't have the balls to insist upon sexy sleep overs. Mom is probably too deaf and blind by now to notice any romps you would have at home anyways.

  < Mom won't mind



Please answer me as soon as possible. It's really urgent because I met a man on-line

 and we have been flirting for months. I have a really cute face, but I am kinda over

weight. I am good at hiding that fact with the way I pose in pictures.

Now he has booked a flight to come see me and when he sees my body, he

may freak out. I obviously can't lose 50 pounds in 3 weeks, so what can I do?

Should I tell him now that I am a wide load?

Big Legged Emma


False advertising and on-line dating go hand in hand. People tend to exaggerate and bullshit on-line, so you never know,

he may be shorter than he says or have a limp dick/bad breath. Don't worry so much, just make sure you are fun and if

it does come down to sex, make sure you blow him like you have diabetes and his dick has all the insulin in it that you need,

as in, give it to him good. He won't even notice the extra padding.

Open minded (or just plain naughty?)

I was walking around Berlin the other day and couldn't believe my eyes. You know they take this open mindedness a bit too far sometimes, I mean, just look at some of the Architecture….


But then again, my blog is sometimes too "open minded" as well…