Ask Dr. Dot


Hey Dr. Dot,

I have been out of the dating game for years, and I am taking a girl out for the first time in a couple weeks. I want to impress her, make her fall for me big time. I would love some ideas from you as I love your advice so far. Hook me up Doctor!

Mighty Matt

Hey Matt,

First let me tell you a few things to avoid on a first date. Movies: Sitting in the dark for a couple hours with someone you need to get to know is a dumb idea. Bars: Getting too drunk in a loud bar could end up embarrassing for both of you and make a bad impression. Try a day time date, like going to the zoo, or a museum. ‘Wine Tasting’ is good, a picnic with a board game or going to a sporting event are all great options. Make sure you are a good listener and keep up the eye contact, looking around too much shows you are not interested. No matter how tempting, try not to screw on the first date, anticipation is the worlds greatest aphrodisiac and waiting shows you have respect, self control and proves you are not a player/slut.

Ps. the worst food you can eat on a first date is a falafel (super messy and massive garlic fumes will plague you)

Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

My boyfriend is a pothead, smokes several times a day. It seems he is always stoned. At first I thought he would change after we got serious together, as he knows I don’t like it. When I ask him to quit, he just smokes behind my back and I can smell it and see it in his eyes that he is high (which insults my intelligence). Is grass addictive? How can I coax him into going straight?

Fed-up Francine

Dear Francine,

If you are a regular reader of my column, you must know by now that I am going to tell you “you can’t change a person”. If the only ‘bad’ thing in your eyes that he does is smoke pot, stop nagging about it and he will quit when he is ready. Smoking pot is habit forming, but he can stop if and when he feels like quitting. You can tell him in a non-threatening way that it contributes to impotency and even weakens one’s sex drive, not to mention causes lung cancer. Set a time limit for yourself, how long you are willing to wait for him to stop getting high, if he exceeds it, then move on, or you will turn into a raging bitch and start to loathe yourself even more than his pot smoking. If he is apathetic (a side affect of smoking grass) towards you, that’s a different story, that behavior should not be tolerated. A quick “me or the grass” chat should clear that up, if not, walk and don’t look back.

Dr. Dot