A note from a fellow Massage Guru/fellow Zappa/Steve Vai fan

Hey Dot!
Oh man, let me tell you about it. Steve was riding his bicycle around before the show, came in for sound check. As this was only the second show on the current tour there was a lot of challenges to deal with. I can see how Frank influenced him in his meticulous way of getting everything perfect. Sound check went over time limit and had to leave the stage to open the doors. He wanted to stay but I bet he could have stayed for hours.
The show itself was fabulous, Billy is with him on this tour again and he has some hot musicians by his side as always. One of the better shows I have ever seen. I have seen Steve with Frank a few times and with Joe on some of the G3 tours but when he is “The Man” he really shines. Kicked my Ass!

After the show we were bullshiting and I gave him the message from you, His eyes got big and I could tell the wheels were turning. I guess he has not seen you for awhile? One of the greatest moments in a guitar players life is when Steve Vai lets you play his guitar, Woooo Hooooo! I just had to send ya a pic of that.

So, do what ever it takes to see him in NJ this tour and let me know how it goes, Vinnie Voddi Voodie…………
Your New Mexico connection,
Bobby J.


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