Pictures, some old, some new

First some pictures that have been in my camera for weeks. Last time I was at my favorite concert venue, the Starland Ballroom, I brought my very good friend (and karaoke companion) Brandon. I introduced him to my Starland quasi-family, the crew. The crew at Starland are so fun, so real, so COOL. They are all held together by Tony P. He is like the Lion King of the Starland and even though he is the boss, the whole crew, all of the employees, adore him. He runs a tight ship, but ever so friendly. Tony ROCKS!   < This isn't the best shot of him, but he doesn't really like to be photographed, so I had to kind of sneak it :)

 < Brandon, Rada, Nick and Paul


^  NICK                                      ^ Paul, Ilya (Rada’s brother) me and parts of Nick & who-knows-else

Fast forward a few weeks to Berlin and we have Jasmine and her pal Lana playing dress up with my old Madonna impersonator corset’s and other strange items from the boxes in the hallway, getting ready to be moved into new flat (hell hole!)   

^ They like to multi-task like I do. Playing dress up, eating ice cream, watching Sex and the City while bouncing on my bed. I did ask Jasmine for permission to post this, trying to avoid any more Bitch-fests 🙂

I bought Lucy a toy dead chicken. How odd are the dog toys here? A dead chicken? Ok. Not a ball, nor rope to tug on, just dead It squeaks really loud when she chomps down on it. Hours of entertainment for all.


I am actually, despite the stress, enjoying being here this time (except for the fact that blogging takes HOURS longer on dial up. Went out for the first time the other night to Oscar Wilde Irish pub for some karaoke and then showed a few tourist to