Moving on down?

I signed my new rent lease today (here in Berlin) so I will be moving soon from the gorgeous, rich, clean, snobby (cranky), quiet and safe part of Berlin called Wilmersdorf, to the wild, dirty, cheaper, predominantly Turkish (which makes a non-Turk feel out of place) loud and crime friendly part called Kreuzberg. Yay, can’t wait.

Why, you say, would I move there? Well, so that while I’m here, Jasmine won’t have such a long journey across town to see me, she will just have to walk around the corner. There are some benefits to this area (I have lived there before). There is a gorgeous park directly across the street from my new flat called Victoria Park, which has a huge water fall, hills, nice green grass (that Berliners sun bathe NUDE on as soon as the spring arrives) but I was told not to walk through there at night as there are many druggies that hang there and who knows what could happen. They may tie me town and force me to smoke a joint. Another good thing about this area is that anything goes. You can dress, talk, act anyway you want and no one looks down their nose at you (as opposed to the snobby sections of Berlin). It’s wild, which is a double-edged sword. It’s kind of like the East Village in NYC but like I said, predominantly Turkish. The Turks kind of resent the Germans and vice versa, long story. The Turks are usually friendly, but don’t blend into the German way of life (clean, organized, quite, orderly) so there is conflict. Also, there endless piles of dog shit to step in, in Kreuzberg.