Boycott KFC (Kentucky Fried Cruelty) watch this video of chicken abuse :(

KFC Video: PETA Announces Press

Conference Downtown

Video tape shows chickens being slammed and stomped!!!!    Disgusting 

LOUISVILLE — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has scheduled a press conference for Wednesday at the Seelbach Hotel in downtown Louisville to discuss a plan of action against Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The organization is reacting to a video that surfaced of alleged animal cruelty at a West Virginia chicken plant, WLKY NewsChannel 32’s John Charlton reported.

Workers were seen throwing, slamming, kicking and stomping on chickens at the Pilgrim’s Pride plant, which is a major supplier of KFC.
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PETA said what its investigator, who posed as a worker, saw violates federal law, Charlton reported.

“Our investigator said that a lot of these birds ended up dying as a result of their injuries, and their abuse did end up back on the slaughter line, which is a violation of USDA policy,” PETA spokesman Dan Shannon said. “So we’re calling for a federal investigation into this plant for food safety concerns.”

KFC and Pilgrim’s Pride claim that appropriate action against the workers involved is being taken.

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I just saw the video of workers slamming chickens against the wall and laughing and then running through a room of chickens and stomping all over them. I am appalled. If you want to write what you think to the Pilgrim’s Pride company, that lets their workers behave so cruely, click on the link below:

Not only that, but they showed how KFC cuts off the chickens beaks at birth so they don’t hurt each other is such tight cages. They are all deformed, most have one wing or one leg, no wonder they can’t call it ‘Kentucky fried Chicken” anymore, they can only call it KFC now.

Boston — PETA’s brand-new anti-KFC billboard, which shows Pamela Anderson next to the tagline “Boycott KFC—Live Scalding, Painful Debeaking, Crippled Chickens” and steers motorists to, has just gone up near the FleetCenter, along I-93 South at Exit 22B. The national billboard blitz is the latest salvo in PETA’s international campaign to pressure KFC to crack down on cruel treatment of chickens by KFC suppliers, including a slaughterhouse in Moorefield, W.Va., where workers were caught kicking, throwing, and stomping live birds in a widely distributed video.

Anderson, who also recently wrote to NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., asking that he use his position as KFC pitchman to pressure the company into curbing the worst abuses of its chickens, joins PETA in calling on KFC to make basic improvements based on the best available scientific research and the recommendations of members of KFC’s own animal-welfare advisory panel. Other undercover investigations like the one in Moorefield have turned up exactly the same abuses that KFC denies having to address—including crippled chickens’ being kept in crowded, filthy conditions and sadistically tortured. The widely read British newspaper The Sunday Mirror led a report on an investigation into a U.K. KFC supplier with the headline “Distressed and Dying in a Cramped Shed … Nobody Does Chicken Like KFC.”

Seinfeld star and ex-KFC pitchman Jason Alexander had his contract with KFC canceled after PETA enlisted him to speak to company execs about the suffering of chickens. PETA has had additional high-profile support from hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, comedian Richard Pryor, rock icons Sir Paul McCartney and Chrissie Hynde, and civil-rights leader Dick Gregory.

“KFC stands for cruelty,” says Anderson, who is a vegan and promotes PETA’s boycott of KFC on her wildly popular Web site. “If KFC executives treated cats or dogs the way they treat chickens, they could go to prison on felony cruelty-to-animals charges.”

For more information, please visit PETA’s Web site A copy of the billboard follows.