Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dot,

I am tired of failed relationships. I try everything to keep them around, but it never works out, what do I have to do to keep them from leaving!?

Sandy R.  Weepy 

Englewood, NJ

Dear Sandy,

you won’t believe me if I tell you, but the answer is NOTHING. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t normally do, be yourself. If they still come and stay, it will last longer. Some people put up a false front when they meet someone new. This is unwise, as sooner or later the real you will come through and the change may be shocking to some.

I say, just be yourself and sooner or later, some one will adore that and it is much less work by the way. Also, as I have written before, lots of oral sex and laughter will keep anyone around longer.

Dr. Dot   Sexy 

Yo Dr.,

It is summer and I am still to fat for the beach. I hate the Atkins diet and all that crap, give me some slim down fast tips

Chubby in Saddle Brook

Dear Chubby,  Fat Man 4 

What works for me is always eating breakfast (sample: Meat and or eggs, but no bread) then a couple hours later Granny Smith apples and nuts.Drink loads of water and exercise everyday if you can. No need to join a gym, just make your life more active (jog, walk, skate, push ups, sit ups, more sex etc).

Eat every couple of hours to keep your metabolism burning fast.It’s  bad to eat only once a day, this puts you in starvation mode and everything you eat will get stored as fat as a protective measure.

 A good dinner would be fish or chicken and some veggies. Save the heavy pasta meals for winter.You can eat what ever you want if you only eat half the portion, just KEEP moving to burn it off.

Skip any sodas and limit alcohol, and always keep in mind, you are eating to live, not living to eat.

Email me for more tips, I have plenty!

Dr. Dot   Nurse