Ask Dr. Dot (to cream or not to cream?)

Dear Dr. Dot,

Is there any harm in me spraying whipped cream all over my girl during sex? She claims it is unhealthy, but I am dying to try that.

Doug C.  Hoboken, NJ

Hey Doug,

She is correct. Yeast is present in every one of us. It thrives on sugar, so, put whipped cream or any other sweet stuff down there in her love nest and she will be so itchy the next day, she will want to sit naked on a carpet and drag it to L.A and back. You will also suffer, not only from the itch, but lack of sex during the treatment. Use plain yogurt instead my good man.


Hi Dr. Dot,

I am 29 and have fallen madly in love with a 20 year old. Looking at the Hollywood trend nowadays, it seems ok, but I am afraid of what it will be like down the road.

Amy M.  South Hackensack, NJ


There are no guarantees in love no matter what the age. Concentrate on making a living for yourself and being happy and it shouldn’t matter so much if a man comes or goes.  A young guy will have tons of energy but no money. You may find it fun to teach a younger guy, but they may want to take all that knowledge and try it out elsewhere. As long as he treats you good, just enjoy him and relax with your toy boy.

Dr. Dot