Kiss in Boston (Paul Stanley got the Dr. Dot rub down)

“Dot – I don’t know where to begin….I had SUCH a blast tonight (last night) from the bar to meeting Paul Stanley….I don’t BELIEVE I met him…he looks fuckin GREAT!” …Robyn

Let me back track here about Thursday night before I get to the amazing Paul Stanley part. I was told by Mike, Betsy’s son, NOT to go to Red’s bar and Grill in Lynn Mass to do karaoke. He said “Dot, it is a Hell’s Angels bar, you will get stabbed and they all do coke there, people get killed there” blah blah blah. The more shit he talked about the place, the more determined I was to go out and do karaoke there! The Dj, “Jimmy Ice Entertainment” had told me about the place. I met him last year when he was the karaoke DJ at another place in Lynn. So at least I would know someone there, he and his pal Joe. After miles of the NASTIEST neighborhoods I have seen in a LONG time, I mean, I am NOT prejudice at ALL, but I was the only white cracker around for MILES. I stopped into a shop to get cough drops (trick to sound better at karaoke) and people were just staring at me like “I know you lost white girl”.

It doesn’t matter to me what color people are, you are either cool, or you’re not. BUT this area looked scary, run down and dangerous. Like they say “Lynn Lynn the city of Sin, you never come out the way you went in”. Anyhow, I crossed some rail road tracks and there was Reds. I pulled in and the parking lot had an all girl soft ball team out side smoking cigs. I didn’t see any Hells Angels, K? Inside there was several TV’s adorning the wooden walls and some folks playing pool. I sat at the bar and noticed most of the folks at the bar were older and all buying lotto/lottery tickets the whole time and they were engrossed in some kind of lottery game or show on half of the TV’s (don’t ask, as I am no expert on that) AND on the other TV’s, there was a Red Sox game. I doubt there is any other city in America that is SO into their local baseball team as here in Bean town. What the HELL is so exciting about watching a game that 1) You aren’t actually playing 2)You have no control over who wins or loses, but get upset anyways if your team loses 3) The men wear tight polyester pants 4) Takes HOURS to end Oh Gawd I just can’t share the joy and or agony of watching any sport, I want to do something, not watch it. People from Boston are so obsessed with the Red Sox and baseball in general, it boggles the mind. All women in this huge area like it or not, are baseball widows.

The men are THAT glued to the game. I am sure they would prefer to watch their beloved Red Sox over a strip show hands down! Anyhow, there were no coke sniffing bikers at this BORING bar and once again, 80’s style perm/hair do’s ruled the room. I asked someone at the bar, “Is this the White peoples bar?” as I looked around and noticed there was NO hispanic or blacks anywhere around. Strange, as the area all around the bar was absolutely dark skinned. Odd how all the white folks gather at this boring bingo bar and watch baseball on TV. The karaoke thing was merely an annoying distraction to the TV crowd. They were kind of pissed off every time some one sang, and when they clapped so effortlessly at the end of every song, I know it was because they were glad the fucker stopped singing. It was NO fun to sing there ,as you really had the feeling the whole bar wanted you to shut up so they could hear the game. I sang two songs and beat feet out of there. You KNOW the place sucked if I leave early, as normally I pay the staff to stay longer so everyone can sing longer.Not the case here. In short, I don’t recommend it at ALL, even if there is NOTHING to do, stay home and wank instead, or eat ice cream.Plus, if I hear that song from the Grease sound track again, actually, any of the songs, I will vomit profusely.

 Since KISS didn’t want a massage before the show, their very cool manager Doc asked me to be at the hotel around midnight to massage Paul. I could have gone to the show, but Great Woods (tweeter center in mansfield mass) is far from Wakefield and it is a bitch to get through the traffic (ask my assistant Stephanie who had to get through it to massage Sting). I decided I would pass on seeing the show. I mean, they put on a KICK ASS show but I wasn’t in the mood to fight traffic. I asked my pal Robyn to meet me at Seaport Bar & Grill on 150 Northern ave in Boston.Along the way I got to see most of downtown Boston and I remembered how quaint it is. It is clean, small, friendly but has so many construction sites and one way streets, it is almost impossible to find your way around in a car there. Better to just park where ever you get off the highway and take a taxi. Anyhow, I saw online that this Seaport Bar has karaoke on Friday and Sunday nights. It is actually on the water, big boats docked all around it and all. We had a great time (I will post photos from all of this on Tuesday) catching up and laughing our sarcastic asses off. She wasn’t in the mood to sing, but I was ( I sang 1 Beatles tune and 2 Zepp tunes). There is a great vibe in this joint, everyone is happy and friendly, very into the karaoke and it is cheap as HELL there. Didn’t catch the DJ’s name, but it is a guy in his late thirties who speaks with a heavy Boston accent (it is fun making them say the words “park the car”). This DJ is the best so far in MASS, he is fair, every one sings when it is their turn, (regardless of breast size or if they are a regular) the sound was awesome and he only played music in between singers briefly while he looked for the next song. I highly recommend this place.I have to say, I felt a tad like Jessica Simpson for a second when I asked the bartender what the difference between chicken tenders and buffalo tenders was. I even said “I don’t mean to pull a Jessica Simpson on you, but what is the difference?”.Hey I was a strict vegetarian from age 10 until just 2 years ago, now I just eat chicken a couple times a month for protein, so this buffalo thing threw me off.

 Robyn and I took a taxi to my car and I can’t believe it only cost $10 to park at a garage in Boston! In NYC it would have cost me $40. This place is cheap! We drove to the Ritz Carlton Hotel and dragged my massage table (yeah, the one I am not supposed to be carrying) to the fancy smancy bar. We sat at this dinky table, me with one eye on the lobby/door to see when the band would come in. Tiny parades of scantily clad groupies (I will DEFINITELY be inserting a photo of them HERE asap) were already circling the bar.It reminded me of the good old rock and roll days when there were still groupies around. I seldom saw them in Germany, actually only when KISS played did I see such groupies. They all strolled around the bar looking like “uh, we are just normal guest here, don’t mind us”. Most had painful Fuck Me shoes on with micro mini skirts and bleached Vince Neil/Poison hair.I was thinking to myself “they still make you?” but I wasn’t feeling mean, I understand their desire, their hunger and curiosity.

Three of them sat down on a sofa across from us and asked me in such a sweet, innocent girly kind of way “could you take a photo of us?”. I did -and one with my camera too. They drove down from Manchester, NH for the show. They asked about my shirt (I changed into my t-shirt in the car) and I showed them my flyer. One of them said she had been to my site before, so I gave her my flyer. All three gals were gawking at my flyer when Paul Stanley and Eric of KISS walked into the bar.Paul said “Dr. Dot! How are you?” . The groupies jaws (and Robyn’s too) all dropped in amazement. I gave Paul a hug and introduced him to Robyn. Paul then introduced me to Eric, who acted like he knew me, but when I massaged KISS over the years, Peter was on drums, so I had never met Eric.I told Paul I live in NYC now and he said that he lives in LA and I said no problem, I have two great assistants out there. He said “Dot, sending one of your assistants to massage me would be like me sending an assistant out on stage to do my show, people want the best, not the rest”.

 NOTE: Here is a word from Robyn: “After an emotionally exhausting day full of hysterical crying, beach lounging, compulsive shopping then more crying – I obviously needed help from a pro. Lucky for me, Dr. Dot was in Boston and I knew a few hours of girl time would cure all that ailed me. We met at the Seaside Bar and Grill on the waterfront where Dot and I gossiped over a few cocktails. She also gave me some much needed relationship advice. Dot is one of the few people who can “kick me in the ass” so to speak and give me the honest advice that I need. So thanks Dot! But the purpose of our jaunt to the Seaside was so the lovely Dr. could get her Karaoke on. Man, that woman can belt out a Zeppelin tune that would make Mr. Plant’s jaw drop. All the men (even the ladies) were in awe. Then the clock struck midnight and Dot had to shuffle off to the Ritz to meet up with the Kiss crew after their show at the Tweeter Center. So we’re sitting in the bar watching the scantily dressed groupies filter in and the next thing you know Paul Stanley is standing behind me. My jaw hit the floor. I never get star struck but there he was the singer of Kiss without make-up looking absolutely fabulous. He greeted Dot with a big hug. The last time she massaged him was in Germany so she informed him she’s in the states now. However Paul lives in LA not the NY/NJ area where Dot’s based. But she informed him she has assistants in LA and Paul replied “Dot, I don’t want an assistant. That’s like me sending an assistant on stage to sing – no one wants that, they want the best.” I thought that was the funniest thing ever – but its true. No one can beat a Dr. Dot massage. Dot and Paul took off to massage land and I walked home screaming into my friends answering machine “I just met Paul Stanley from Kiss!!” Thank god Dot lives 237 miles away from me – I don’t think Boston could handle the two of us together. So thank you Dot for yet another memorable and therapeutic evening.”  Robyn Hale Editorial Advisor FAT CITY Magazine PO Box 120196 Boston, MA 02112

Back to my train of thought. Doc (manager) walked in the bar and said hello.He was planning on getting a massage after Paul. Doc is a VIP manager type, he kicks ass and does so with a smile. Last show I saw of KISS, he insisted that I sit on the sound board and watch the show, and he sat me in his chair. He has a directors type chair, you know, those Hollywood type chairs with the stars name embroidered on it, and his says ‘DOC’ on it. I felt honored to be in the kings chair. Respect. Doc and Eric went off and relaxed in the bar, and were probably adored by the harem of gorgeous ladies that lingered around. Paul didn’t want a drink, he said (rather loudly in front of the groupies) “No, I don’t want to sit here at all, I want my rub down Dot”. He had a sore hip from all that jumping around he does on stage, so we headed up to his giant suite. Paul is not your ordinary rock star type. Not brown nosing one bit here, you know me, I don’t do that, but the man is very deep, he has his head screwed on properly and multi-talented. He showed me many paintings he has done on his lap top and the art he does would make Ronnie Wood a bit jealous. He does portraits, like one of his dad and a self portrait that rivals top notch art work. He has his art work on display and for sale in galleries out in LA. I told him people would buy it in a heart beat if it was available online, it is gorgeous material.

Plus, most KISS fans know, that Paul was played the lead role in Phantom of the Opera up in Toronto from May until October 1999. He got raved reviews and told me they want him to star again in the play on Broadway as soon as he has time, for three months or so. He showed me photos of him dressed as the phantom and he looks so mysterious. While were surfing around on his lap top, I showed him my web sites and the links section, I asked him if the KISS banner I had was the correct site as there are so many KISS sites, he clicked on it and said , yes, that is the one ( and he showed me around that site. How cool that was having Paul show me the KISS site and showing him mine. He saved my site in his ‘favorites’ on the lap top. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was also honored to see his private photos of his cute as a button 10 year old son. Curly strawberry blonde hair, light brown eyes, oh gawd he is an angel. The girls haven’t a chance when he grows up. I massaged him for around 90 minutes, sweating my ass off to give him the best massage ever, plus he must have had the fire place going, as it was super warm in his room and it smelled of fire wood. He said he had spent the day before walking around Boston shopping.He doesn’t seem to mind when people recognize him or ask for autographs, he said it is normal to him and I know they adore their fans. He is in great shape by the way, and wins the prize hands down for the best calves in rock and roll. I mean, I have massaged him many times before, but his calves are in top shape now, like a professional bicyclist who just finished Tour de France or so. I don’t think Paul smokes or drinks, and I know he eats super health. He says he doens’t eat before a show as it may make him too sluggish, ditto with massage, he never gets a massage before the show as it relaxes him too much.

After the massage he wrote me a check, how cool is that to have a personal check from Paul? It has his name on it in full, Paul Stanley. I doubt I will even cash it, it is just too brilliant. I was admiring his jewelry while he was writing the check and he told me most of it was made for him personally in Japan. He has exquisite taste in jewelry, I know, I know, I sound SO ass kissing here, but I can’t help it, he is fucking cool. His jewelry is all silver and he has these thick, kind of linked chains, but each link has a design on it and one has a big purple square brilliant stone on it, looks like something a king would wear. They all have those clasps on them, you know the one the Brits have on their pocket watches, the silver bar that slips through the silver hole. They look like royal jewels. Even his wallet is majestic looking, dark brown suede with silver and stone jewels on it, and it has a long thick silver chain that can detach if needed to prevent pick pockets, I said “I doubt anyone gets close enough to you for that Paul”. He is relaxed, friendly and very intelligent. Organized, clean and has impeccable taste, like I said, not a typical rock star. He said the band is better than ever right now, tight, full of energy and tough as nails. I regret not seeing the show now. It is kind of embarrassing when the star asks you “So, how did you like the show” and having to say, well, I didn’t go, it was too far, etc. It was so late by the time I left, Doc didn’t want a massage anymore, and so Paul got the concierge up there to carry my table down for me, what a gentleman! I didn’t take any photos, I already have a whole KISS section on my sites and when a person gets a massage, they get so relaxed and covered in oil, that is NOT the time to take a photo. No matter, take my word for it, Paul is looking great! I will post his autograph soon though. I tell you, it is such a pleasure to work with KISS, especially Paul, he is generous (HUGE tipper) and very polite and fun to chat to.

I can’t wait to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I guess I will head down to NYC later tonight, Jasmine has her gal pal Rachel Liebeskind (the daughter of Daniel Liebeskind who is the architect doing the new world trade center) with her and they are demanding to go to the city, apparently CT is too dull for them for a whole week. I understand this, as it is true, if you are under 21, keg parties in the woods and hanging in the mall is about all the burbs have to offer the wild youth. This has GOT to be my longest blog ever, your eyes must need a massage by now. I will be adding photos and links, color and all that when I get my hands on a PC. KISSes

Dr. Dot