Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

I can’t keep an erection, especially with a condom.

Chris.K     Jersey City

Hey Chris,

My theory is, fluoride is responsible for softies. In the US, there is a lot

of fluoride in our drinking water, which  gives us nice teeth but makes our

men soft down there. In Europe, the men have horrible teeth but are as stiff

as a board and can go all night; so,it must be the water! Try drinking Evian or

imported water for a month AND try to make your lady orgasm before you even

grab for a condom.


Hi Dr.

I need cheap ways to look gorgeous.The competition is stiff here in the city

and I am not rich.

Christy,   NYC

Dear Christy

1. if you have those porno-like  fake nails, stop getting them, men don’t

care about them anyways.Do your own pedicure and coat toenails and cuticles

with vaseline before showering to make the polish last longer.

2. Forget brand named clothing, jewelry and shoes. It doesn’t matter as long

as you look clean and polished.

3. Shave, don’t get waxed. It saves time and money.

4.Wet and Wild lip liner, nail polish etc is super cheap and no one will

know the difference.

5. You can cut corners on everything except your hair, pay for a good

colorist, but get a $10 cut at a barber shop.

6.Drink club soda when you go out. It hydrates your skin and only tap water

is cheaper.

7.Buy a oil free sun block for your day cream, you don’t need any other face

cream in the day. For night  time, ask your dermatologist for a prescription

cream that erases fine lines.Use vaseline around eyes.