You don’t know how lucky you are boy…

As always, I am editing my books with one eye and have the other on Animal Planets “Animal Cops “ this time it is filmed in Houston, and I can NOT eat my yogurt any more, after seeing the 5 horses they have just discovered. The horses are nothing but BONES – you can see every bone in all of their bodies and most have duct tape wrapped around their hooves, probably holding them together!

The officers say the horses probably haven’t had a decent meal for 6 months. The horses were so hungry that they were eating away at the wooden barn they were kept in.

People who mistreat their animals should get the same exact treatment put onto them. Wankers! Animals can not ask for help. It is beyond cruel to mistreat a helpless animal, I am pretty sure, if there is a hell, these folks will end up there on a tight leash.

When I end up rolling in cash, I will be funding such shows as Animal Cops and Animal Precinct and of course the ASPCA. Love them.