Setting the record straight

I have been getting a lot of positive feed back and shout outs from long lost friends and people all around the globe thanks to the Associated Press article which appeared in etc, but I have also gotten a few annoying emails too, which is to be expected, as you can’t please every body. BUT the negative comments are all about the SAME quote in the article, and I want to set this straight now.

You must know by now, that every article you read is never 100% correct, there is always mis-quotes and mistakes and things can be written according to the reporters mood or how he/she feels about you. I found this out years ago first hand, when my book came out over there in 1999, I was in just about every magazine and newspaper there is in Germany and they all wrote different versions of my life story. My mothers maiden name was Crombleholme, which is true, but one magazine wrote that I come from ” Crombleholme, Connecticut“. So now all of the Germans who read that, probably think there is a town in CT called Crombleholme and I am from there!

Unfortunately, the press NEVER lets you proof read what they write about you after an interview. They refuse, and so you are at their mercy, hoping they liked you, hoping they get the facts straight etc. The guy who interviewed me was super fun and friendly and I have NO idea how this mis-quote happened, but I am here to tell you now a few truths about this article. I will post the original version , then what I really said :

1)NEWARK, New Jersey (AP)