Curse of the Sopranos and Beyonce Knowles gorgeous behind

I have never seen the Sopranos ( that show on HBO?) BUT I know about the show, because, EVERYDAY since I have lived back in the USA ( 18 months) people come up to me and tell me “You look JUST like that girl from the Sopranos” or “Oh, I thought you-

-were her!! Adriana from the Sopranos” So, let us have a look

You decide, do we look alike? I wish I could figure out how to write NEXT to the photos, but the BLOG format won't let me.So now, let us talk about Beyonce's gorgeous rump.I don't understand why the world makes such a fuss about Jennifer Lopez's ass, because Beyonce has obviously more back than J.Lo. Baby's got a bootylicious back side and she should have it insured.Just thought I would mention my admiration for curvy women.I was in CVS tonight, in the “diet pills” section, as my pal told me he is so thin and trim thanks to these pills.