Gas prices (still higher here in Germany)

I am STILL mad that Al Gore didn't win. I voted for Al! Bush won and as you can see, America has gone down the fucking toilet since then. Everyone I know has financial problems now. It is so sad. I hope NOW America finally wakes up and sees how much of an idiot he is (who the FUCK voted for him anyways!? I do not know ONE person that voted for Bush. NOT ONE). He didn't even really WIN, it was fixed!! The whole voting circus is just a SCAM. People only listen when they get hit in their wallet I guess. I mean, I watch the news online every day and I have to laugh at how shocked America is about having to conserve. "Oh my GOD, we have to conserve! We have to walk, we have to shut the lights off, we have to recycle, we have to build smaller houses and drive smaller cars!". NO FUCKING SHIT! Welcome to REALITY. I mean, no wonder the whole world hates us so much. We waste soooooooo much energy. It's not fair to the rest of the world. Air conditioners, clothes dryers, omg, don't even get me started.


When I visit family down in Georgia, they tell me they don't recycle because it isn't available out there. Hello? The Government needs to get off their fat lazy asses and sort things out. Instead of spending more than $10,000 per SECOND on arms, they should be figuring out ways to run cars on solar energy and how to make sure EVERY town in the USA recycles. RECYCLE OR DIE. Polar bears will become extinct, floods, fires; the world is going mad because of the greenhouse effect/global warming. American's need to VOTE. Get involved, protest like they do in Europe. If I had my way, Al Gore would be president and Michael Moore would be Vice President. That is just MY dream. We all dream. That's mine. 


Just want to say, America whines about gas costing $4.50 per gallon. Hello! Europe has been paying LOADS more for years already. LOADS! Right now in Berlin, a LITER (4 liters to a Gallon folks) cost  1.60 euro.  1 Euro = 1.5853 U.S. dollars. So one GALLON of gas over here cost about 6.40 EUROS! 6.40 Euros = $10.12


Ok folks? In Germany, a Gallon of gas cost $10.12. This is not new. It's always been extremely expensive, that is why they drive smaller cars here. They use less gas. Less energy. It cost even more in the UK. So please, stop whining and learn to conserve.