24 Hour Massage service in El Paso, Texas

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Hola! My name is Melanie born and raised in Guayama, Puerto Rico. Raised in such a lush and beautiful island gave me the opportunity to appreciate nature and its healing wonders. I attended the Augusta School of Massage in Evans, GA. I can say I have found my true calling; I have such a passion for the wonders of Massage Therapy that I can actually wake up every day and love the rewarding feeling of helping others. I currently reside in El Paso, TX and specialize in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cranial-Sacral, Aromatherapy and Stretch Integration. I mix my techniques during each session based on my clients needs. I guarantee you will feel balanced by the end of the session.

I also have the privilege of facilitating healing for our US Army Soldiers. What can I say? I love what I do!

And now being part of Dr. Dot's Bots! What a rewarding field! My audition was conducted by Chris Caffery from (TSA) Trans Siberian Orchestra and passed with flying colors!

Massage is more than just a luxury; it is a vital part of self-care that has a positive ripple effect on you as you work, play, and care for others. Investing in your health is one investment that's sure to pay off.

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Massage in El Paso, Texas

Reach me at:  info@drdot.com and put "Melinda/El Paso" in the subject line πŸ™‚


Hello all! My name is Melinda!

Originally a Midwest girl from Missouri, I’ve found myself in El Paso, Texas now for the last few years. I’m full of life, a goofball, driven, and professional all at the same time! After serving in the Army, then being a tattoo artist, then a police officer, I realized I needed a change of pace. So I chose massage therapy.

After graduating top of my class, I went straight to work at a therapeutic clinic and have been there since. I’ve built up a vast clientele and outstanding repertoire with them. I have also been responsible for getting the local music scene and tattoo scene involved in the benefits of massage. Struggling artists, and tattoo artists are often overlooked when they need so much work. My calling is definitely Deep Tissue and Trigger Point! I have the strength to really get into the muscles and work deep. I also practice Swedish, Pre-Natal, Chair, Sports, Myofascial Release, and combinations for individual needs.

My massage therapy teacher had called me the “black sheep” of the class. The “rebel”; and pointed me in the direction of the Dr. Dot team and mentioned that was more “my speed”. As soon as I read about Dot and her amazing team, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. How great to be able to give back to all the amazing talented artists that have given so much to their fans and the music industry.

When in El Paso; contact Dr. Dot for an amazing therapeutic massage experience! See “yall” soon!

The kind of stuff that makes my job oh so worth it..

Woke up today to hundreds of emails to plow through, yet this is the one that made me feel all warm inside. sigh:



"Aug 28, 2008 3:19 PM


El Paso


Hey there Dr. Dot!! I graduate in one freakin month from Massage! Yay! Anywho, I am the "Black Sheep" in my class. Lol, I am edgier, I am open, opinionated, and fun. After realizing how Motivated I am to excel, my way, in a predominantly "stiff" massage world, my teacher told me about you. He said "youre more her speed" lol. I noticed you dont have anyone in El Paso on the Dr. Dot board, so after I graduate I'm gonna kick my own ass if I dont at least give it a shot to be a part of the Dr. Dot experience.
So be on the lookout for me! And thanx for showin the world that massage can be Therapuetic AND Fun!!! Keep it Rockin!