The kind of stuff that makes my job oh so worth it..

Woke up today to hundreds of emails to plow through, yet this is the one that made me feel all warm inside. sigh:



"Aug 28, 2008 3:19 PM


El Paso


Hey there Dr. Dot!! I graduate in one freakin month from Massage! Yay! Anywho, I am the "Black Sheep" in my class. Lol, I am edgier, I am open, opinionated, and fun. After realizing how Motivated I am to excel, my way, in a predominantly "stiff" massage world, my teacher told me about you. He said "youre more her speed" lol. I noticed you dont have anyone in El Paso on the Dr. Dot board, so after I graduate I'm gonna kick my own ass if I dont at least give it a shot to be a part of the Dr. Dot experience.
So be on the lookout for me! And thanx for showin the world that massage can be Therapuetic AND Fun!!! Keep it Rockin!