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Dr. Kathleen

Available for the Detroit and surrounding areas, including Clarkston, Auburn Hills, Lansing, Flint, Saginaw, and Mt. Pleasant.

Dr. Kathleen has been a chiropractic sports physician since 1986.  She had a successful sports and family practice in Cincinnati, OH but after 23 years, she decided to sell the practice and move back home to Michigan so her young children could be with family.  Her work with professional athletes, has helped shape Dr. Kathleen into the kind of chiropractor who gets lasting results fast, often when all else has failed.

Having consulted for many entertainers, dancers and musicians, Dr. Kathleen understands the effects of busy travel schedules and constant physical exertion, and is familiar with the types of injuries that can affect different performers.

Dr. Kathleen’s focus is to find out what’s causing your pain or limiting your performance and correct it.  Whether your concern is a spinal problem or an extremity injury, whether it’s from an accident or from over-use, Dr. Kathleen has the skills and experience to focus on the causes and address them fast.

Dr. Kathleen’s techniques she incorporates are deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy, physical therapy modalities and chiropractic manipulation of the spine and extremities.  Dr. Kathleen utilizes a functional approach to working with the body which incorporates as many as 20 different chiropractic adjustments including Diversified, Thompson, Activator and Cranial Sacral techniques.

If you are looking for a chiropractor who is reliable, professional and experienced at dealing with the injury concerns of entertainers, musicians and dancers, Dr. Kathleen is the right choice.

Massage Delivery service in Detroit, MI

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Hi my name is Kim and I’m a licensed Practical Nurse and Licensed Massage Therapist from Detroit Mi. And I am thrilled to be joining Dr.Dots team. I graduated from Irene’s School of Myomassology in Southfield Michigan. My specialty is catering to your needs. As human beings we sometimes forget to nourish our bodies. As a singer I’ll help you to breathe correctly to continue to belt those vocals out. Play an instrument? 

Book me for an awesome hand massage. For the dancing entertainer You’ll definitely want to get those feet and legs rubbed down. I also specialize in Sports Massage for the athletes and playing my vibration singing bowls which is great for meditation and Chakra clearing which keeps the positive energy in your body flowing. Are you ready for an amazing 60,90, or 120 min relaxation massage? Whether it’s to rejuvenate or your body requires a deep tissue massage, don’t hesitate to contact  Dr. Dot to book my services. 

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Hi, I’m Sonja and I have lived in Michigan my entire life and have been blessed with my esteemed husband Scott and 7 beautiful children. I have been involved in the health and beauty industry, in some capacity, in and around the Grand Rapids area since 1982.

I worked 24 years in relaxation massage and as a Cosmetologist, and this year completed my Medical Massage and Manual Therapy Certification through Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts & Sciences.

Medical massage is very deep and effective in producing the bodies normal mechano receptors which promote tissue and joint health. It is also very important to stretch the muscles and maintain elasticity in the tissue. One of my main goals, as a health facilitator, is to help enable the body to continue in its optimal mobility and performance.

I have experience in: Gua Sha/chaffing treatments with Chinese linaments, hot & cold stone therapy, Thermaphore with casteroil pacs, cold compresses, PEMF – Pulse Electro Magnetic Field, Bioptron & infrared treatment, bony lever joint physics techniques, Isometric stretches.

Let’s move forward, I am excited to serve and support your health and assist you in your healing process.

Massage in Detroit, Michigan

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Hi, my name is Kevin. I was born in Saginaw, MI in 1982 and raised here for most of my life. Since I was a kid I have always loved playing music, I started playing piano and guitar when I was in elementary school. Playing music has gotten me through some pretty tough times in my life, if it wasn't for my guitar, I don't know how I would have handled them.

I spent the first 10 years of my working life in the restaurant industry, trading stress for money. For a while I convinced myself that I liked the stress and that I thrived on it. It wasn't until a friend of mine told me about massage that I realized, I didn't like stress at all! More importantly I did't have stress out just to get paid.

In December of 2008 I got my massage therapy certification and have loved working in the massage field ever since. The way I see it, I have the most relaxing job in the world. My first year in the industry has been awesome, I got my teaching certification and am now teaching at the local massage school. I work also as a massage therapist for Aveda, where I specialize in trigger point and pain management. Recently I won massage therapist of the year in the "Best of the best" for Saginaw and the surrounding (Tri-cities) area.

I heard about Dr. Dot through a client of mine, her previous therapist got a job working for Dr. Dot. After applying I went to my massage audition and got a great review, which puts me here. I am honored to work with the renowned Dr. Dot team and am looking forward to another amazing year in the massage world.

Massage in Detroit Michigan

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Julia is a certified graduate of the Carnegie Institute. She has been a practicing massage therapist since 2005 and has gained experience in corporate, concert, and spa settings. She uses her knowledge, strength, intuition, and some of the warmest hands in the business to treat her clients.

Her love of music began when as a child her parents, who worked in the music industry, often took her to concerts and summer festivals. But it wasn't until a few years ago when she got the chance to provide massage in the green room of a music festival in New Hampshire that she was able to render her childhood passion with her new career. "When I began to ask the musicians what instrument they played a light just went on for me. I knew which muscles were over used. I knew how to help them".

She has received training in and looks forward to a continued study in the following modalities:

  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Myofascial Release

"It is always an honor to work on a new body because each one is a wonderfully unique challenge."


Massage in Ann Arbor, Michigan

My name is Elise Hillary, named after Elise McKenna from the movie 'Somewhere In Time', which was filmed on Mackinac Island in Michigan during and where my parents Honeymooned. Hillary is taken after Sir Edmund Hillary, as my dad has a passion for Mountaineering, as well as I. My wilderness experience consisted of a 6 week backpacking trip into the Wind River range in the Wyoming wilderness, which included climbing and glacading down a snow covered mountain!

Raised for my first year of life in New Zealand; I believe that's how the adventurous spirit in me came to be! I was immensely impacted by a 9 month sailing trip from Michigan to the Bahamas with my family in 1998-99, and enjoyed my moment of “fame” on northern Michigan's 9&10 news when my sister and I had decided to throw a message in a bottle into the gulf stream and it was found 18 months later in France!

In September 2006 I started Massage therapy training at the Institute of Natural Therapies, after graduation I went on to study Thai Massage in Thailand. I believe Massage Therapy connects me to what I am most passionate about. People, nature and art. I love movement and dance too, I am a hand talker and am always moving, especially if you get me painting on a huge roll of canvas! Massage has been a great instrument for my hands, to bring out that dynamic, healing flow from within!

Hippies are the Jesus movement; the creation seekers, after the creator! I get energized and inspired from the arts, creation and people. I believe these are gifts after the creators heart! I find that massage is so in corporative of all these elements, that it is the best vessel I can use to express my heart felt healing and agape I have for people! Touch is the vessel through which Jesus healed the sick, I think that's an amazing concept as I am learning through the people that I have worked on that I have healing hands.

This is such an honor to be able to take my journey into the Dr Dot team and to be able to work for Dr Dot as a Massage Therapist! You can book me by emailing me at info@drdot.com and put “Elise/michigan”in the subject line.