Massage in Ann Arbor, Michigan

My name is Elise Hillary, named after Elise McKenna from the movie 'Somewhere In Time', which was filmed on Mackinac Island in Michigan during and where my parents Honeymooned. Hillary is taken after Sir Edmund Hillary, as my dad has a passion for Mountaineering, as well as I. My wilderness experience consisted of a 6 week backpacking trip into the Wind River range in the Wyoming wilderness, which included climbing and glacading down a snow covered mountain!

Raised for my first year of life in New Zealand; I believe that's how the adventurous spirit in me came to be! I was immensely impacted by a 9 month sailing trip from Michigan to the Bahamas with my family in 1998-99, and enjoyed my moment of “fame” on northern Michigan's 9&10 news when my sister and I had decided to throw a message in a bottle into the gulf stream and it was found 18 months later in France!

In September 2006 I started Massage therapy training at the Institute of Natural Therapies, after graduation I went on to study Thai Massage in Thailand. I believe Massage Therapy connects me to what I am most passionate about. People, nature and art. I love movement and dance too, I am a hand talker and am always moving, especially if you get me painting on a huge roll of canvas! Massage has been a great instrument for my hands, to bring out that dynamic, healing flow from within!

Hippies are the Jesus movement; the creation seekers, after the creator! I get energized and inspired from the arts, creation and people. I believe these are gifts after the creators heart! I find that massage is so in corporative of all these elements, that it is the best vessel I can use to express my heart felt healing and agape I have for people! Touch is the vessel through which Jesus healed the sick, I think that's an amazing concept as I am learning through the people that I have worked on that I have healing hands.

This is such an honor to be able to take my journey into the Dr Dot team and to be able to work for Dr Dot as a Massage Therapist! You can book me by emailing me at and put “Elise/michigan”in the subject line.