24 hour massage service Grand Rapids, Michigan



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Hi, I’m Sonja and I have lived in Michigan my entire life and have been blessed with my esteemed husband Scott and 7 beautiful children. I have been involved in the health and beauty industry, in some capacity, in and around the Grand Rapids area since 1982.

I worked 24 years in relaxation massage and as a Cosmetologist, and this year completed my Medical Massage and Manual Therapy Certification through Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts & Sciences.

Medical massage is very deep and effective in producing the bodies normal mechano receptors which promote tissue and joint health. It is also very important to stretch the muscles and maintain elasticity in the tissue. One of my main goals, as a health facilitator, is to help enable the body to continue in its optimal mobility and performance.

I have experience in: Gua Sha/chaffing treatments with Chinese linaments, hot & cold stone therapy, Thermaphore with casteroil pacs, cold compresses, PEMF – Pulse Electro Magnetic Field, Bioptron & infrared treatment, bony lever joint physics techniques, Isometric stretches.

Let’s move forward, I am excited to serve and support your health and assist you in your healing process.