Photo Time

I have so many photos to get on this blog, I will put ’em on, randomly, some old , some new, all with an explanation.I still can’t figure out how to write NEXT to the dam photo, it is impossible I tell you! The photo below, is a wild child I met in a karaoke bar in Lynn, MASS.I told her she looked like Erika Boudah. She and I danced like mad in that tiny club.  If you need to know how to click the best pics of yourself or nature, check Andrew Defrancesco out! Kicked off the shoes and went for it during hip hop, soul and hard rock ( ac/dc ) tunes. I did her lip stick for her, she looks hot!She his a mother of 3 and still FINE!

Um, just learning how to do red eye reduction.. NOT doing such a good job so far ^ we look like fucking aliens.