Massage Delivery service in Boise, ID

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Hello, everybody. My name is Brian.

   I have developed a multi-dimensional massage practice for over five years, now. Having endured a number of injuries ranging from mild-sprain to near-fatal-coma and a number of broken bones along the way; all this, accompanied by an arduous trudge through serious rehabilitation and physical therapy which consequentially led me (years later) to certify as a yoga instructor in order to finally realize that I still required yet another tool to sufficiently correct my range of motion and curb my chronic, nagging pain. Ultimately, I found massage through necessity.

   Encountering “functional massage” changed my life. It helped me cancel my pain and restore proper range of motion while simultaneously allowing me to restore my strength and is now something I specialize in and happily share with any-and-every-willing-body. I have developed proficiencies in traditional modalities and can deploy the “mushiest” Swedish massage imaginable, subduing pain-stricken bodies to melted, slumberous heaps on the table. I believe the world could use good Swedish massage. Though, if you’d like to have your past or present injuries efficiently addressed and reduce your chronic pain to memory, I’ve also found specialty in myofascial release and direct trigger-point therapy. I deploy “spot treatments” to any affected joint or portion of the spine (especially with the muscles of the cervical spine) effectively delegating migraines and shoulder issues to a space of bygone imagination. Essentially, anywhere I’ve injured myself (most places) and had to resolve the ever pending, latent spasm (causing pain) that our muscles tend to resort to for “continued protection,” I can address from experience.

   I prefer to work at least an hour and a half to a total of two hours, so together we can make better (I’m convinced) progress towards our goal of reviving range of motion and alleviating chronic pain.

   Whether you’re an athlete, performer or an athletically inclined performer, it would be my pleasure to help you continue to “do what you do,” pain free.