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Hello and thank you for checking out my profile on Dr Dot’s website!

My name is Jessica and I was born to do bodywork and hands on healing. It all started in my first year of college when I was impelled to have friends come over to my dorm room for massage and energy work; I just had to do it for it was as therapeutic for me as it was for them. I have always received a tremendous amount of pure enlightened bliss from tapping in and giving the body what it needs, releasing burdensome stress, pain and discomfort. I finally started to do massage professionally several years later and it has truly changed my life! It is a blessing to do what I do.

With a background of 15 years in competitive gymnastics I have a huge “one-up” when it comes to understanding the anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology of the body. The body being one harmonious organism, often it takes a deep intuition and experience to approach the issues that arise for us (usually pain and discomfort are the result of more than just the target area). I use a variety of techniques in deep tissue, myofascial release, sports/therapeutic/stretching, and more subtle energy work to get the chi flowing and the body back to how it should be and wants to be, naturally.

As well as a love for and devotion to bodywork, I am driven by art and music, both as an appreciator and participant. From making clothing to throwing pottery, writing lyrics and singing to making music with whatever instruments are around, I could never get bored or out of inspiration! My father and grandmother were professional musicians and came from a long line of professors of music so working with Dr. Dot is like the fulfillment of a dream. I can bridge my two passions and give back to the people who give me the most, who I consider the most powerful and influential people of our times, the musicians.

I am nationally certified and licensed in massage and bodywork and can be booked for shows and hotel calls in Denver and the surrounding areas.

Book me and get some bodywork to remember!!!!