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Born with an intuitive sense of compassion, Dawn naturally found her way to the Healing Arts. After completing a 1000 hour program, she was invited by the administration of her school to be the first person in the USA to qualify for a college degree in Massage Therapy, setting the pace for an industry standard. She feels blessed to do what she does for a living and never feels like she is working. It’s part of a holistic lifestyle. Live music is a healing modality for her. The vibrations of the music literally take her to another place…out of her head and into her heart. 

When not giving massages, Dawn is creating something artistic, reading, gardening, cooking, doing yoga, or being with family and friends. She gives much of her time back to the community donating massages and organizing fund raising events, her first event being a Rock n Roll show to raise donations for over 500 school children in the inner city of Phoenix for Christmas. Local bands and individual musicians volunteered their time and talent to create a fun, successful event. Dawn has also traveled as far as Egypt to “be” with some of the local children of Cairo to increase their awareness of what is possible in their lives. What she took back from that trip was an expanded awareness of herself and continues to grow as a therapist and a person through continuing education and “being” with people from all walks of life. 

Dawn’s massages are an intuitive blend of Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Reflexology. Of course, each individual is different and your massage will be what YOU want. Dawn has extensive experience working with professional athletes, professional musicians, and people of all ages from birth to their last days of this life. Pregnancy massage is also available at all stages, during labor, and post-partum. Past clients have had health challenges from minor fatigue and depression to immune disorders and advanced cancer. Additionally, she also has experience teaching Sports and Spa classes to other Massage Therapists and has done Corporate Chair Massage at countless events and businesses. 

She looks forward to connecting with you!