Amazing Massage in Arcata, California

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Hi, my name is Catherine, but many call me Catt. I live in beautiful Arcata, California, but do split my time between there and fabulous San Francisco. 

I'm from Connecticut originally. I am graduated in 2007 from Touching for Health Professional School of Massage and Bodywork in Stockton, CA and am a nationally certified massage therapist. My modalities range from deep tissue, sports massage, chair massage, pregnancy massage, hot stone massage, and relaxation massage. I often mix modalities during a massage and tailor the session to each clients individual needs. 

Music is just as much of a passion of mine, as is massage. I have worked in the music industry for several years. Holding various stage and office positions in concert and festival production. Dr. Dot has allowed me to mix my love of massage with my love of music. My passion gives me the drive to travel up and down Northern CA, between Humboldt County and The San Francisco Bay area to offer a therapeutic relaxing hand.